Zuhair Murad Fall 2022 Couture

Maybe because the world isn’t exactly in ship shape and reality isn’t very uplifting, Zuhair Murad thought it wise to take refuge in the supernatural this season, putting planets and the horoscopes to work, and asking the stars to provide us all with a luckier future. His couture collection was inspired by symbols of esoteric spirituality and by the magic of the cosmos.

Murad believes in the power of couture as a conspirator (albeit quite an expensive one) to attract love, fortune, and bien être. A beautiful dress can enhance charm and charisma, and he provided plenty of flamboyant options to make a woman the center of attention. Tarot cards were embroidered on a shapely shift with revealing high slits, or on a midriff-baring cropped jacket paired with a tight-fitting longuette skirt. The signs of the Zodiac were rendered as crystal-studded appliqués gathering the draping of a sumptuous geranium red ball gown, or were embroidered in sequins onto the circle skirt of an evening dress with a black velvet bodice. Snakes, which apparently are symbols of health and vigor, were woven in golden threads through the tulle bodice of a long sheath gown in nocturnal blue velvet; a glamorous number in silver mesh was embroidered with myriad eyes, which are considered the spiritual window to the soul.

Elsewhere, Murad riffed on more sensual notes, playing on revealing fluid draping, as in a series of emerald green or Klein blue headturners with high-cut wrap skirts, billowy capes, feather-trimmed stoles, and criss-cross midriff-baring tops. Sashaying into a party clad in one of those is likely to make the stars align with much benevolence.

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