With GTA 6 Coming, Rockstar Outlines GTA Online And Red Dead Online Update Plans

Rockstar Games has issued a new Community Update for both GTA Online and Red Dead Online. The update mainly goes over what fans can expect during the summer of 2022 but also lists some updates coming later this year.

The timing of this Community Update is somewhat intriguing, as some in the Red Dead Online fanbase recently announced they would be having an in-game funeral for the online title. However, it appears Rockstar Games isn’t ready to announce the game is fully dead yet. While the developers revealed they are moving a majority of their attention to the highly-anticipated GTA 6, the team will still be working on minor additions for Red Dead Online, along with continuing with the steady flow of updates in GTA Online.

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Updates coming to GTA Online

While GTA Online still receives an update every week, Rockstar has revealed they’ll continue to refine the experience for players over the coming months. The developers cited they’ll add “community-requested experience improvements and upgrades” to accommodate the new influx of players from the recent current-gen launches on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

One part of those upgrades will be expanding the Criminal Careers for the Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owners. New Contact Missions will also be released that allow players to join a special IAA field operation to investigate an undisclosed criminal conspiracy plot. In regards to specific fan-requested improvements, the update will also include a nerf to the homing missiles, countermeasures issued for the Oppressor Mk II, and give players the ability to start Sell Missions during Invite Only Sessions. The developers make it clear that more community updates are also on the way later down the line.

Another future update that fans are sure to welcome with open arms is an increase to the GTA$ payout on game-wide features. This could include anything from races to missions to heists. The developers emphasized giving players the ability to buy what they want faster, which has been a common complaint among fans in the past. Finally, Rockstar also mentioned that seasonal events, community challenges, and consistent gifts and bonuses will also continue to be delivered in GTA Online despite the team’s commitment to the development of GTA 6.

Updates coming to Red Dead Online

Unlike GTA Online, Red Dead Online has been considered a barren wasteland by many in the community. This is evident by the fact that players have recently planned a funeral to commemorate the game’s death. While Rockstar is still working on Red Dead Online to a degree, the updates announced in the Community Update are minor at best, which might be disappointing to those who still enjoy the western online experience.

Players can expect to see a continued effort to promote in-game activities like Showdown Modes, story-based co-op missions, and Specialist Roles. These activities will arrive and be on full display during Red Dead Online’s monthly events. In addition to those events, the game will also see new Telegram Missions and an emphasis on building up other existing modes. These additions will be spread across multiple patches instead of large content updates that arrive throughout the year. Finally, the developers will showcase some of the community’s creative efforts through the Newswire this summer and in the months beyond.

It’s unclear if these updates will be enough to bring Red Dead Online back from the dead. However, at the very least, Rockstar fans know that the team is hard at work on GTA 6.

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