WHO supports strengthening monkeypox prevention

Luanda on June 23, 2022: The World Health Organization in Angola, in partnership with the Hospital Management of the Complexo Hospitalar Cardio Pulmonares Cardial Don Alexandre do Nascimento, held today in Luanda, a training session with health professionals on monkeypox , a zoonotic disease caused by the monkeypox virus.

The initiative, as part of the program to reinforce the prevention of hospital infections, carried out by the National Directorate of Public Health with the support of the WHO, aimed to strengthen the capacity of health professionals for the prevention, control and handling of possible cases of infection particularly on monkeypox.

According to the WHO Representative in Angola, Dr. Djamila Cabral, the world is on alert due to the monkeypox virus, transmitted mainly by direct or indirect contact with the blood, body fluids, or mucous membranes of animals and which has been affecting thousands of people, with serious health consequences.

 “We are facing an epidemiological outbreak that is affecting the health of populations and that requires greater strengthening of epidemiological surveillance measures, and infection control, especially in health structures, to ensure that cases are identified in a timely manner and protective measures taken as soon as possible and as quickly as possible.”

In turn, the General Manager of the Hospital, Dr. Carlos Masseca said that the training initiative is of paramount importance, given the need to reinforce knowledge and skills to better serve and protect the population.

“I hope that our professionals will take full advantage of this training, which will allow us to improve our knowledge and strengthen internal measures to prevent infections, and protect our hospital users and patients”

The training on the monkeypox virus, which responds to the guidance issued by the Ministry of Health, to strengthen surveillance and prevention of this disease, was attended by 70 health professionals, including doctors from the Complexo Hospitalar Cardio Pulmonares Cardial Don Alexandre do Nascimento, technicians from the National Directorate of Public Health and WHO specialists in Angola.

WHO Emergency Officer leading the training
Health professionals during training

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