What’s in store for your star sign in July & August

Will the stars align for you this month? Time to sneak a peek into the future with Christine Broadbent to see what’s written in the stars for you in the next couple of months. 


July marks not only the movement of Sun through Cancer, but also a potent meeting of awakener Uranus and the Moon’s karmic North Node. This alignment features at July 14’s Full Moon, adding revelation and some kind of shift that influences your social roles. Mid-July birthdays are particularly sensitive to this. Then energiser Mars joins the crew, making late July 29 to August 3, timing for bigger changes. Lover Venus prompts you to welcome changes in early August, yet August 7–10 can be emotionally fraught, a time to withdraw from any conflict.


Firing on all cylinders is what Leo loves to do, yet Saturn’s long transit through your opposite sign has probably reduced that experience, via demands and obstructions. Saturn is still around but more immediate influences highlight your birthday and beyond. Just one day after Sun enters Leo, Mercury and Jupiter make a fiery dance that guarantees great conversations and ideas. Your Leo New Moon on July 29 and challenges from August 8–10 could turn your plans on their head. Yet August 1–7, then 12–23 are perfect periods for a creative productive flow!


Ever vigilant for problems to solve, Virgo will excel in July and August. Long before Sun enters Virgo, Earth/Water harmonies tune you for success. Since July 3, 9, 14, 18 and 25–31 could supply the requisite challenges, remember that your emotional antenna is going to be just as valuable as your practical mind for successful action. August 1–7 and 12–23 prove this! Sun enters Virgo on August 23, and you shine. However, Virgo New Moon of August 27 and August 29 both feature Uranus and an argumentative Mars, to challenge expectations.


With a Saturn, Venus, Mercury dance inspiring you from July 2–13, your abilities as a mediator and a creative are in demand. Sun’s passage through your vocational sign may have the occasional challenge, but mostly it boosts your productive strengths. Venus shines in Leo from August 12–18, helping you shine bright in your groups and social roles. Then the Venus challenges of August 27–29 shift the sands when a disruptive Uranus and a controlling Saturn seem to undermine your efforts. August 30 and 31 help you prove that diplomacy is stronger than hostility.


Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, Scorpio has much strength in reserve, and this Cancer Sun period calls that forth in pleasant and adventurous ways. July 2, 18 and 20 do bring Pluto challenges, which could turn careless actions into problems, yet this is a fertile month when creative projects yield results. A repeating feature of August is the alignment of Uranus and the Moon’s Node. This means that surprises in relationships or uncertainty may increase. August 1–6 could draw in someone new or deepen an existing union.


Sunny and optimistic are your kind of words, yet the abundance of Water energy in July may dampen your spirits. Heavy emotions get you looking for a quick exit, and with your ruler Jupiter now in fiery Aries, that fuels independence and feisty responses to anything “heavy”. Earth puts out Fire and a plethora of earthy planets feature in both July and August. In these busy months, excellence in your work and low expectations are your friends. Sun transits fiery Leo from July 23 to August 22 that opens you to love and fun.


Capricorn can enjoy an elemental happy zone in July, especially from July 2 to July 14’s Full Moon in Capricorn. Earth and Water harmonies help to minimise the confronting situations that Pluto in Capricorn can evoke. With fortunate Jupiter now occupying your home sign, and Sun in your partner sign, there are often unexpected chances to feel appreciated. On July 17, 18, 24 and August 1–8, it’s time to let life surprise you. While August 9–12 is a time to be wary and avoid being heavy-handed yourself.


Saturn in your sign brings rewards around July 2 and 13, when your vision and ideas are well received. This month dominated by Water and Earth harmonies will be most satisfying for you if you work behind the scenes and hold back on critical opinions. First Mercury then Sun enter your partner sign from July 20 to 23, with Jupiter adding a touch of adventure on July 24, so you shine readily. July 27–31, then August 8 and 10 and August 12’s Aquarius Full Moon could escalate an old drama, disturbing home life. If so, stay calm.


Neptune in Pisces links with the Cancer Sun period and keeps you tuned into the field of imagination. With your other ruler, Jupiter now in Aries, life demands fire in the belly to make your imaginative visions yield results. Love thrives in July, yet late July could make you question a core belief. Try staying in the question, no answers needed. August 1–8 is a waxing Moon and potentially an energy recharge for Pisces. Hold onto that during the challenges of mid-August, and you will emerge with a better understanding of just how strong you are.


Jupiter is now in Aries, smiling upon large-scale projects and big ideas, opening doors. Since Jupiter goes retro on July 28, keep plans manageable. Your spontaneity is bolder, innovations more edgy, yet July 2, 9, 18, 20 and 25 are caution times — beware of overkill. Aries now has more luck, but maybe more foolhardy impulses! Any hesitant Aries can harness this energy to get out there and feel the joy. Jupiter tends to enable, to expand and to open doors. On August 1, a Jupiter/Sun link spells success, whether in business or romance.


In late July and August, a rare meeting of Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus signifies an increase in unpredictability. You prefer stability and this period will stretch you, yet it can be revitalising, a chance to explore a new you. Uranus has been making life more edgy for Taureans since 2018, but now that the karmic Node joins in, there are changes whose time has come. Creating things adds extra energy with Mars in Taurus from July 5 to August 19. Good plans take shape.


July starts with Mercury in Gemini supported by Saturn, accompanying you with a practical perspective. Hold onto this if some emotional currents waft around on July 9, 14 and 18. There are caring, pleasant ways you can direct this energy, particularly July 10–13, 17 and 24. Big news for Gemini comes on August 20 when energiser Mars enters your sign and will remain there for seven months. Mars can be contentious in Gemini, and August 27 teaches you to be aware. Yet Mars can also be a force for fun in the months to come.

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