We Spoke To Miranda Cosgrove About BTS Secret From “iCarly”, “Drake & Josh”, and “School Of Rock”

Recently, we had the chance to sit down and shoot the breeze with the one and only Miranda Cosgrove!


Though she may be under 30, Miranda has already had SUCH an iconic career. So, what better way to celebrate the iCarly star than by looking back on some of her biggest hits in a new game we like to call “Confirm or Deny.”

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The premise is simple – we asked Miranda to confirm or deny rumours and behind-the-scenes “facts” about her biggest TV and movie projects to date. Here’s what she had to say…

We started out by asking Miranda about School of Rock.

1. The character of Summer was supposed to be more of a “Britney Spears” type and could sing, but was later changed — confirm or deny?

That is totally 100% true! I went in for my first audition, and I sang, and then for some reason, they were like, “We love how you did the lines, but maybe your character should be a really bad singer.” So then they changed up Summer, and I had to be this terrible singer — maybe that’s a knock to my singing!

2. You also took a bad singing lesson to sing “Memory” in School of Rock — confirm or deny?

Confirm. When I was younger, I had singing lessons with this older lady who taught me all those Broadway show tunes, and then I had to go in with this rocker guy who was trying to help me learn how to sing as bad as possible. It was the dead opposite of what I was used to. We sang the song “Memory” back and forth to each other for, like, an hour just trying to see who could do it worse, it was so fun and freeing!

3. You had next-to-no knowledge of rock music when you started filming — confirm or deny?

Yep, I had next-to-no knowledge. My mum loves The Rolling Stones, and she’s seen them, like, 15 times in concert. She’s really into rock music, so I knew a bit from her, but that’s it.

4. Lastly, Jack Black used to play games on set with you all in between takes — confirm or deny?

Confirm, yeah, Jack Black was the best. He was always playing games with everyone, and he also improvs a lot, so he would always completely change his lines, and it was so fun. On iCarly, Jerry — who plays my brother — does that a lot, too. He never says a line in the same way, so you never know what’s gonna happen during a scene, which makes it really fun.

Those two have quite similar vibes — their main concerns are just making people laugh and break. That seems really smart because that’s ultimately what we want the audience to do!

Next, we asked her about iCarly, OF COURSE.

5. Your first kiss was on the show, and it was with Nathan Kress in “iSaved Your Life” — confirm or deny?

Confirm, and it’s funny because it was my first kiss, but it wasn’t Nathan’s! He had a girlfriend, and she came to the set the day I kissed him. She was standing behind the cameras, and every single time we did a take and he would kiss me, she’d be like (moves her head and narrows her eyes). She knew it was written in the script, but she didn’t like it. Then he’d run over, and they’d kiss, like he loved her not me. … It was so weird.

When I got that script, I remember being quite panic-stricken. For, like, a week after I found out about the kiss I was like, I have to have my first kiss in real life; this can’t be my first kiss. I was panicking trying to find somebody who I wanted to kiss IRL, but it didn’t work out. I still my consider my real first kiss to be ~my real first kiss~, but at the time I was like, it can’t be on the show!

6. The original title of the show was Starstruck, and the plot followed a regular girl who is cast on her favourite TV show — confirm or deny?

Confirmed! That actually happened to the executive producer and creator of the show in real life. They did an open call audition for a TV show, and he got cast and moved to LA, so at first, the show was gonna be about that, but then it turned into being about a web show. It’s funny cos when I was 13, and they told me the idea, I was like, “What’s a web show? Let’s go back to the other idea.” I didn’t think people were gonna understand it.

7. You were sick and almost didn’t make it to set the day Michelle Obama was due to cameo on the show — confirm or deny?

Deny. I don’t think I was sick, but I do remember my mum was so excited that Michelle was on the show — she was maybe freaking out the most of everybody. The same day, we were on our way back home from set, and she ran a stop sign or something, and we got pulled over by the police. My mum tells the officer, “We just came from where Michelle Obama was,” and he was like, “I don’t care; you’re still gonna get a ticket.”

I remember asking her why she said it, and she just thought the police officer would think it was so cool that he would let us go!

8. Jennette convinced the cast her name was Jennette-arrhoea and kept it going for weeks — confirm or deny?

Confirmed! She told everybody that her name was Jennette-arrhoea like Diarrhoea — this is so stupid! We all believed it, and at one point, people were getting upset. At first it was funny, but then it got to the point where people were getting pissed off. Then she got her mum in on it, and her mum told everyone that was really her birth name. For no reason, she was just bored.

9. Nathan Kress wore platform shoes for most of the first season so that he was a similar height to you and Jennette McCurdy — confirm or deny?

Confirm! Nathan hated those shoes! I feel like it plagues him because there are so many memes of him in them. He didn’t need to wear those. I don’t know why that happened; he was wronged! He wasn’t that much shorter than us, and guys go through growth spurts at different times. He also didn’t need to be taller; he could’ve be shorter than us. He was a good sport, but I feel like those shoes scarred him a little bit!

10. You had no idea Josh Peck was lined up to play your manager in the revival — confirm or deny?

Deny. I’m friends with Josh, and he actually texted me about the revival and whether there were any parts he could play. He’s just the best! I guess it was a little bit of a surprise that he ended up being Carly’s manager because he’d only just agreed to do some episodes, and we didn’t exactly know what his character was going to be.

Then we moved on to the iconic Drake & Josh!

11. Jonathan Goldstein and Nancy Sullivan who played your parents were together in real life — confirm or deny?

Deny! They were not together in real life at all. I guess fans just wanted them to be.

12. There’s a reference in an episode of Drake & Josh to you moving on and becoming Carly — confirm or deny?

There is actually, confirm. At the movie theatre where Josh is the manager, they put up on the marquee something like “and now she’s Carly,” which was cute. It’s in one of the last episodes.

And of course, we had to ask one little thing about the Despicable Me franchise!

13. The “gibberish” the Minions speak is an actual language created by directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud called it “Minion-ese” — confirm or deny?

Confirm – they actually do the voices of the Minions. Well, a bunch of people do them, but they do some, and it seems really fun! Some of the words the Minions say are real words; randomly, they’ll say a word you can understand, and usually it’s Spanish. It’s pretty cool!

Thank you, queen, for dispelling rumours with us today!! iCarly Season 1 is available on Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland now. For more information, visit here.

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