Watch This Porsche 911 Go Goth for a Night on the Town

  • Called Musou Black, this paint is said to be the darkest water based acrylic paint in the world.
  • This custom Porsche 911 was painted by Pit One Customs garage in Japan.
  • A 100 ml bottle of the paint will run you a little over $18, so painting a full car will cost a pretty penny.

    Ever looked at the factory black paint on a car and thought it was too reflective? The team over at Pit One Customs in Japan had that thought . . . and found a solution. For those who want the darkest black paint imaginable, KoPro’s Musou Black paint is said to absorb 99.6% of inbound light.

    Pit One Customs

    Starting with a regular black Porsche 911, Pit One transformed it into the sleek and shapeless shadow you see here. As cool as this is, it isn’t the first example of an ultra-black, light-absorbing menace of a car. BMW deployed Vantablack coating on an X6 for the 2020 Frankfurt auto show, with similar results.

    Vantablack is slightly different than this current Musou Black for a few reasons. First, it’s technically a coating designed for components to help absorb heat and protect the integrity of camera lenses attempting to capture images in space (Vanta stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array). Musou Black, on the other hand, is a water-based acrylic paint.

    Pit One Customs

    Since the paint is so dark and essentially absorbs all reflections, it’s tough to see the shape of the car it’s applied to. Looking at the 911, the car looks like a shadow of itself, with no distinct curves or edges. The only shapes that are easy to make out are the headlights, which look like Gollum’s bulbous eyes peering out in the dark.

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