Watch Jennifer Garner Crush a Jumping Workout That Tested Her Leg Strength

  • Jennifer Garner posted an intense workout video of her many jumping exercises on Instagram yesterday.
  • The 50-year-old actress enjoys high-intensity workouts and is at a similar fitness level to a professional athlete, said her trainer, Beth Nicely.
  • Jen works with nutritionist Kelly LeVeque to keep stay fueled after her workouts.

    Jennifer Garner leaps into action in a new Instagram video, showcasing her workout routine. The Adam Project actress has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Her trainer Beth Nicely, founder of The Limit, describes her as someone who “likes to work really hard, she’s very, very strong,” she told Shape. Nicely would also consider her “a professional athlete in what she’s capable of physically.” After watching this video, that seems more than valid.

    Nicely and Garner tend to do a variation of plyometric box jumps, strength training arm exercises, and plank variations in their typical workout routines, Shape reported. When training for her film Peppermint, Jen also did “a lot of bodyweight work,” with heavier weights and custom resistance bands, Simone De La Rue, founder of Body by Simone, said.

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    In this workout, Garner uses various sized boxes and a trampoline to target her full body. Her first exercise involves 12″ and 18″ boxes stacked on top of each other. She tackles them with ease, soaring to the top. This exercise works her quads and glutes.

    She then breaks up the boxes to put two 18″ heights next to each other with a narrow space in between. She jumps up to the side, down to the middle, and up again before changing directions and doing the whole thing back.

    She then turns to a mini trampoline to not just jump on, wait for it… but to do a handstand on. That’s some impressive upper body and core strength.

    She then jumps in front of the trampoline before throwing her arms down to push her body up into a handstand. She follows that by hopping on the trampoline for a few seconds of bouncing. However, Garner still proves that all her hard work isn’t coming without some fun. She spins on the 18″ block in a salsa-like dance move—it appears even celebrities can’t resist the allure of an elevated surface.

    Her final exercise involves sitting on the trampoline before exploding up and over a smaller box. In a similar manner as to the other plyometric exercises, this engages the core while getting your heart rate up.

    So, what’s up with all this jumping anyways? (She posted another jumping dance sequence on Instagram earlier this spring.)

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    Box jumps, as Jennifer showed off many times here, are great for building power, developing speed, and enhancing agility, WH previously reported. Basically, they do a little bit of everything while working most of the larger muscles in your lower body and burning calories.

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