Watch CrossFit Legend Mat Fraser Take on a Strongman Workout With Rob Kearney

In a recent video on Mat Fraser’s HWPO fitness channel, the CrossFit GOAT challenged World’s Strongest Man competitor Rob Kearney to a deadlift ladder for time contest, in which the strongman came in third after CrossFit athletes Mal O’Brien and Jake Marconi. In a newly shared video taken during the same workout session, Kearney—aka the “World’s Strongest Gay”—gets his revenge by coaching the three CrossFitters through a couple of classic strongman events.

First up is the log press. “You have to forget everything you know about barbell cleaning,” says Kearney. “It’s more like a deadlift, then you squeeze the log into yourself, then stand explosively while rolling the log up your chest. We usually break it into three parts: the pick, the clean, and the press.”

Each of the athletes succeeds in pressing the 90-pound log, then they start to add weight. O’Brien maxes out at 160 pounds, while Fraser succeeds in pressing 230 pounds (a weight Marconi just misses).

“Whatever you think you can squat, add 50 pounds,” says Kearney, adding more and more weight to his lifts until he reaches 350 pounds. “You can’t have a big dip,” he adds. “The more you dip down, the more it’s going to want to pull you forward. So really, just try to unlock the knees and go.”

Kearney also demonstrates the proper form for a standing shoulder press, which Fraser, O’Brien and Marconi all attempt to perfect.

“Position-wise, you want the dumbbell sitting on your delt, elbow high,” he explains. “Some people swing it up into place, I think that’s terribly inefficient and strains the biceps too much. So I actually lever it off my delt. I’ll pick it up to my delt, then shoot my hips forward and bring it into place.”

“Envision where you’re going with the dumbbell,” he continues. “Try not to waste energy.”

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