Vivetta Resort 2023

Bows as huge as kites; cut-outs in the shape of hearts; roses spiraling in vortexes. Vivetta Ponti was in cheerful mode for resort. “People want to party again, to enjoy life,” she said, talking about the spirit of effervescence that infused her collection.

There’s always a whiff of malice in Ponti’s idea of femininity, something bittersweet and surreal. She likes to escape to an illusory place, which isn’t dark in the least, rather fluffy and featherlight like cotton candy. The escape route isn’t surprising, since IRL her three kids and a very busy life leading her independent company keep her well grounded. “I’m a natural born optimist,” she said. “I have so many projects that I want to activate, so much energy.” Indeed. You don’t raise three kids and manage your own label if you don’t believe that the future looks at you with benevolent eyes, and if you aren’t blessed with ample supplies of a special kind of built-in propeller.

For resort, Ponti played with seductive propositions—feminine sleeveless ’50s dresses with ample décolletages printed with roses; ultra short miniskirts with huge bows at the front worn with romantic laced-up ruffled tops; light tiered sundresses in crisp poplin inducing a feel of summery freshness. They were offered perched on towering glittery platforms, on sandals with fluffed marabou feathers, or on knee-high boots with heart-shaped cut-outs. Delicate jewelry was also part of the picture, as well as a pretty pair of high-waisted denim pants with a crystal-studded heart framing the navel.

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