Those Thor: Love and Thunder Post-Credits Scenes, Explained

The following story contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.

If you’ve just seen Thor: Love and Thunder: welcome. Hope you enjoyed the ride. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and just like looking up spoilers, welcome, hope you have found what you’re looking for. If you are just here for the fun and sheer curiosity, we’ve got some more great news: you are also welcome. Anyone and everyone interested and curious about Thor: Love and Thunder is welcome here. And we’ve got some good news on that front: we’ve got lots of answers about Thor: Love and Thunder.

The film, which stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and Tessa Thompson, roped in fans to see a showdown between the two Thors and an evil villain named Gorr the God Butcher, and largely delivered. But what the movie did best was when it played to its most extreme: letting writer/director Taika Waititi craft a funny but caring story (with plenty of memorable one-liners and jokes), and letting Christian Bale eat it up as the villainous Gorr. Russell Crowe’s brief appearance as Zeus, talking about orgies and flexing his flabby muscles, was pretty damn great as well. If Love and Thunder is Ragnarok redux, then Russell Crowe fits in nicely as Jeff Goldblum 2.0.

The movie finishes up without too many loose ends: Jane Foster unfortunately succumbs to her cancer, fighting one last time to help Thor defeat Gorr. After a change of heart and his own death, Thor winds up with Gorr’s reborn daughter as his own new child (according to narration from Korg, they are the titular Love and Thunder). Valkyie is still being a badass leader in general , and the legend goes on and on.

But this is a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. And there’s a future to set up—we’ve seen this enough to know the drill! Let’s get into it, shall we?

How many credits scenes are in Thor: Love and Thunder?

There are two credits scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder. Make sure you stick around until the end of the credits!

Post-Credits Scene 1: Meet Hercules

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Shocker! No pun intended. After their big showdown and being struck by his own lightning bolt, Zeus (Russell Crowe) is still alive, being fed and tended to by many women. What a dick. And he’s not happy. He’s rueing vengeance on Thor and his friends, and making sure his strongest son, Hercules, will take matters into his own hands.

Avengers Epic Collection: Under Siege (Epic Collection: The Avengers)

And then we see Hercules—played by none other than Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein. Goldstein is an intense grump with a heart of gold in Ted Lasso as aging soccer star-turned-broadcaster-turned-coach Roy Kent, and it seems like he’ll be channeling at least the “intense” and “grump” parts of that while playing Hercules. The “heart of gold” part remains to be seen.

But can we just say what delightful casting this is? Ted Lasso is a great show because beyond star Jason Sudeikis, the cast is just great, and Goldstein has been one of the true breakouts. We can’t wait to see what he does in this role in the future.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, Hercules has a long-running history in the Marvel world, so his introduction here makes a ton of sense. Hercules was first introduced into Marvel comics back in October 1965, in Journey into Mystery Annual #1, and has frequently been a member of the Avengers.

So, despite the fact that Love and Thunder seems to be setting him up as a future foe (maybe Hercules becomes the Thor-equivalent for whatever team Val is putting together?), it’s likely that sooner or later, he’ll be on the side of the good guys.

Post-Credits Scene 2: Welcome to Valhalla

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If you were entering the afterlife, what better face to greet you than that of Mr. Idris Elba? That’s exactly what happens in the second Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene, when Jane Foster, re-formulating from the golden dust that she turned into, awakens in Valhalla. Elba of course plays Heimdall, the keeper of the bifrost and one of Thor’s best friends. It’s fitting that he would meet Jane at the gate during her great arrival.

Valhalla has been mentioned before and is known as the paradise-based location of the afterlife, both within the Marvel Thor canon and the actual mythology.

An interesting thing to think about is that we are seeing here, tangibly, that Valhalla isn’t just the idea of an afterlife, but rather a physical place that these fallen Asgardians (or, in Jane’s case, adjacent-Asgardians) are transported to. Waititi previously stated that for a brief moment, much of Thor: Ragnarok was going to take place in Valhalla. So it remains possible that in a future Thor adventure, or some other form of team-up movie, a return to Valhalla could be in the cards.

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