This Article Has No Spoilers For Stranger Things, Season 2: Volume 2. But It Has The Dope 

The wait comes to an end, with Netflix dropping the second volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things today. The anticipation for the last two episodes was so high, that it inadvertently crashed Netflix’s servers today. The good news though is that during the time of writing this piece, the servers appear to be back online. 

Before we move on, let me assure you that this article comes without spoilers. Right, so the last time we saw Eleven and her posse, they were split into multiple groups either trying to find answers to what’s happening in Hawkins or decoding Eleven’s mysterious kidnapping. 

We also saw Hopper (David Harbour) escaping the Russian prison camp and reuniting with Joyce (Winona Ryder). And of course, how can we forget, everyone’s favourite (future) dad Steve venturing into the upside-down, killing vicious, supernatural bats and making his way back home with Robin and Eddie, minus Nancy. 

The last two episodes of the season have a combined runtime of nearly four hours. The eighth episode titled, Papa, will run for 1 hour 20 minutes, while the season finale, The Piggyback, will be 2 hours and 20 minutes long. That’s more than most feature-length movies!

While the final two episodes will see the conclusion of the Vecna saga, it will also give us a clue as to where the show is headed for its final season next year. Coming back to the topic at hand, here’s what the Internet is saying about it. 

(Image credits: Netflix) 

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