There is a work around for The Quarry’s unobtainable Hard Pass accolade

The Quarry’s community has come up with a way for players to get hold of the Hard Pass accolade across platforms, something that was seemingly unobtainable due to a known issue.

Publisher 2K revealed last month that there was an issue “causing the Hard Pass achievement/trophy to not be rewarded as intended”. The team is looking to get this sorted in an upcoming patch, but until then, players looking to get this award can trick the game into working as it should.

General warning, there are some small spoilers for The Quarry below.

Nine camp counselors. One unforgettable night.

To get hold of the Hard Pass achievement, in theory players need to simply decline help from Eliza Vorez (the game’s narrator of sorts) and move on. However, the game doesn’t always save your choice.

Instead, while this gets fixed and as spotted by JovialTrash4335 (via Screen Rant), to make it work all you have to do is ensure that you find at least one tarot card in each of The Quarry’s chapters. Then, when Eliza offers you her help at the end of each chapter, you need to choose the “move on” prompt. Now, this is where you will need to act quickly for this trick to work its magic.

From here, you need to pause your game and then quit. This will save your decision to forgo Eliza’s help, thus meaning the Hard Pass accolade will pop up when the challenge has been completed in its entirety. You will need to use this method of pausing and quickly quitting after each of your encounters with Eliza until the award shows up in your game.

A note for #TheQuarry Players:

We are aware of an issue causing the Hard Pass achievement/trophy to not be rewarded as intended and we plan to release a fix for it in our next post-launch update. Thanks for your patience.

— 2K (@2K) June 20, 2022

In Eurogamer’s review of The Quarry, Vikki wrote that it is “everything we’ve come to expect from Supermassive’s deliciously bloody brand of horror.

“There are supernatural stalkings, life-and-death decisions to make, quick-time events, and plentiful gory deaths, and it’s all wrapped up in jaw-dropping graphic fidelity that is so realistic, sometimes you’ll forget it’s a game.”

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