The Boys’ Wild Soldier Boy Twist Just Set Up an Even More Disturbing Reveal

The Boys season 3 episode 7 spoilers follow.

Things haven’t been easy for Homelander, lately. Everyone’s favorite blue-eyed monster has had a rough time of it this whole season, in fact. Not only has he been forced to reckon with the consequences of his actions, something that fascists famously love to avoid, but Homelander’s position as top dog is also under threat now with the arrival of Soldier Boy.

Hell, without Madelyn Stillwell around to help relieve his tension, Homelander has even taken to some random cow-milking in a desperate attempt to calm his nerves. But no amount of bovine-fuelled sustenance can help prepare him for the sucker punch that Soldier Boy sends his way at the end of episode seven.

Following their fight mid-Herogasm, Homelander is left shaken by the idea that someone else might actually be strong enough to beat him. Never before has he been so close to defeat. But the situation is a lot more complicated than that, as per Soldier Boy’s surprise revelation.

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It turns out that in Fall, 1980, Soldier Boy was called into Vogelbaum’s lab for an experiment — “some shit about genetics”. Except there wasn’t much science going on during that visit, because it turns out that Soldier Boy was just asked to “beat his meat” into a cup using Danielle Deneux, Penthouse‘s June 1980 cover, for inspiration.

With that deposit, Vogelbaum then created a kid who was born in Spring, 1981. “A boy…” So far, so cute, but it’s the final bit that’s the real nut-kicker.

“You know what the bitch of it is? If they had just kept me around, I would have let you take the spotlight,” says Soldier Boy. “What father wouldn’t want that for his son?”

Oof. As if Homelander’s fragile masculinity hasn’t been threatened enough, it turns out now that his biggest rival is actually his dad. And no, we don’t think Soldier Boy is lying either. While this isn’t how things played out in the comics, Vogelbaum was indeed the man who created Homelander in the first place, and the timelines match up too.

Of course, this complicates things. A lot. And if we know The Boys like we think we do, then heads are going to roll, quite literally, in season three‘s finale following this revelation.

But that’s not all though, because in the comics, Homelander and Soldier Boy actually had sex at one point. While that idea was scrapped for Herogasm on screen, incest could soon rear its head again with the identity of Homelander’s mother, instead – if she is who we think she is.

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Think MILF, except really it’s MIDF, because Homelander did bang her. That’s right. We are of course referring to Stormfront, the actual Nazi that Homelander bumped uglies with in season two.

Fans have long suspected that Stormfront might be Homelander’s mother, but recent revelations make this seem even more likely.

The idea first came about because Stormfront is essentially a gender-flipped version of a hero in the comics whose DNA was used to create Homelander. Here though, we now know that Soldier Boy is the father instead. But that doesn’t mean Stormfront can’t be involved still in his conception on screen.

As mentioned in episode six, Herogasm was originally established by Soldier Boy and Liberty, which was Stormfront’s original superhero name back in the ’50s. The fact that they founded this orgy bonanza certainly implies that the pair were intimately acquainted, and that’s further hinted at when Soldier Boy describes Liberty as a “firecracker”. Because that’s what you call women when you’re an old, sexist, white guy.

So with all that said and done, it doesn’t take someone of Vogelbaum’s intellect to figure out that Liberty and Soldier Boy clearly had sex. And probably more than once, too.

After Herogasm was founded in 1952, Liberty stuck around on the superhero scene until 1979 when she suddenly vanished from the public eye. This happened after Liberty AKA Stormfront apparently beat a young man to death because that’s what racist monsters do. From that point on though, it’s unclear what Stormfront got up to in the four decades that followed, prior to her return in 2022.

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Vought obviously helped hide her away using the company’s considerable wealth, but there are still some major gaps in Stormfront’s history, particularly when it comes to those early years…

Given that “Liberty” disappeared in 1979, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Vogelbaum using her to incubate Soldier Boy’s sperm one year later in 1980. Not only would she have been able to carry the baby to term privately, away from the public eye, it’s also possible that only someone of Stormfront’s strength would have even been able to carry a super-powered child like Homelander.

In fact, this might be the real reason why Liberty was even hidden away in the first place.

So if this is all true, if Stormfront really was impregnated by Soldier Boy, then this means that Homelander banged his mum. A lot. And the worst thing of all is that she probably knew that she was his mother all along. As disturbing as that is, this would explain Stormfront’s initial fascination with Homelander, not to mention her relentless desire to help him at any cost.

Remember that Vought’s original plan was to create an army of Aryan ubermensch? Stormfront herself said that Homelander would be the one to lead them in a race war, so we can easily imagine her offering to carry this future leader AKA Homelander in her womb to secure an Aryan future. Incest, be damned!

The only problem with all this is that Stormfront is now dead. Why bother bringing her story back in so late in the game? Unless, she isn’t really dead at all

Whatever happens, expect even more family twists for Homelander in the near future, and probably a whole lot more cow milking too. Assuming, of course, that everyone’s favorite blue-eyed monster even survives the rest of season three.

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