The Boys’ Star Karl Urban Says They Ran Out of Fake Sperm While Filming the ‘Herogasm’

The Boys season 3 spoilers follow.

The Boys season 3 has already made waves for featuring some of the most insane things one could possibly imagine in a TV show. And their latest episode ‘Herogasm’ is no different. It’s safe to say that it has been a long time coming. In fact, The Boys has been teasing this legendary comic-book moment for almost as long as the show itself has been on air.

And now, in an interview with Digital Spy and other press, the show’s star Karl Urban has revealed more details about the long-awaited episode, whether they were surprised to see the things that made it onto the show and the fact that they ran out of fake sperm at one point.

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“Listen, I think that every single season you get to a juncture where you’re like: ‘How can we possibly get away with this?’ And this season, it became pretty apparent that everything was dialled up,” he said.

“There’s more action, more drama, more heart. And I think it pushed all the departments. Like, the makeup department, they ran out of fake blood on episode 3, and sperm on episode 6. So it was a challenge for all involved.”

Urban also talked about the collaborative environment on set and how rewarding it is for him as an actor.

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“The thing I love about this show is the collaborative nature of it. You know, typically, you get a script, and the wonderful thing about [showrunner Eric] Kripke is he plays ‘best idea wins’.

“We all get the script, and if you have any thoughts and ideas, then you pitch it to him. You pitch it to him, and if he likes it, he will put it in the show. And quite often, you’ll pitch him something, and he’ll come back with something even better. He’ll take your idea and elevate it to the next level.

“It’s rewarding as an actor, because A) you feel valued and your contributions are appreciated. But B) when you watch the show, you can see that reflected in the dialogue and the performance. Yeah, it’s unique, and we’re blessed.”

The Boys season 3 streams on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes premiering every Friday.

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