Take a look at Hitman 3’s new level, the piratical Ambrose Island

IO Interactive has given us a first look at the new level coming to Hitman 3, known as Ambrose Island.

Agent 47 is certainly not one to stay put for long, and he is now readying himself for his next holiday (sorry, I mean mission). While many of us can only dream of having the opportunity to see the world as readily as he does, for Agent 47 this is all just part of a standard day. So, what of his next destination?

Well, once you set yours and 47’s feet onto the tropical isles of Ambrose Island you will most definitely be stepping into dangerous territory. In fact, you will be stepping into pirate territory. So, you had better get ready for your buckles to be swashed. You can check out the new reveal trailer below.

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaarrrr!

As we have all come to expect from the series, this new level will be fully explorable and loaded with fresh challenges and targets for us to set our sights on.

It is free to all Hitman 3 owners and will be ready to dive on into from 26th July.

Now, where did I put my briefcase…

For more on the Hitman series, and the globe-trotting exploits of Agent 47 and his handler Diana Burnwood, check out Ed’s interview with actors Jane Perry and David Bateson here.

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