Stefano Pilati, Sculptor of Fabric, Turns His Talents to Furniture

“You can tell that behind this couch there is a designer that works with the human body, with draping the human body.” 

Photo: Jacques Pepion / Courtesy of Pinto

Fahad Hariri, Pinto’s owner and co-creative director with Pietro Scaglione, was a YSL client during Pilati’s years at the house, and he struck up a friendship with the Pilati not long after he bought Pinto in 2020. “I found that wrapping gesture so beautiful that I wanted to immortalize it with these two pieces.”

The chair will be produced in a run of 8. Each one will go for €45,000. The couch, made from a sand-colored cotton, linen, viscose, and silk blend, is easier to produce, so more can be made by private order, but it too is unique. In Sicily, in view of the sea, natural materials like rattan, straw, and bamboo are quite common, but not when Pilati gets his hands on them. “I draped the carpet’s woven straw like you would with fabric, but it was a completely different thing because it was more sculptural, it had curves. And that was pretty exciting, because it was something that I haven’t seen before.”

The comfort level of the couch, says Hariri, “is really high.” Because of its length and slightly curved shape, it can sit three, four, or five across. “When you’re sitting on either end, you actually can have a conversation without straining your neck. You can tell that behind this there is a designer that works with the human body, with draping the human body.”

Fahad Hariri and Stefano Pilati will host an event during Paris’s haute couture week to present the new pieces. 

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