Someone loaded Doom onto a McDonald’s self-order kiosk

In a nutshell: If you’re ever wondering why almost no one likes the McDonald’s self-ordering kiosks, it isn’t because of their inability to take cash payments. One person thought they could find a better use for these devices, so it loaded Doom onto one of them. It’s not the best experience, and it certainly doesn’t make one any less hungry, but it feeds the soul of those who grew up ripping and tearing.

For people who have a soft spot for first-person shooter games and hardware hacking, the first question that pops into their mind when stumbling upon any piece of technology is, “Does it run Doom?” People have gotten the classic FPS to work on anything resembling digital technology, including a humble Lego brick equipped with a tiny microcontroller and a digital pregnancy test display.

One reason for this never-ending obsession is that the original Doom didn’t need the most powerful computer to run. However, another reason is that one just can’t help but try to rip and tear through demons on the most unlikely gaming devices.

a genius

— DOOM (@DOOM) June 30, 2022

This week, someone decided to install Doom on a McDonald’s kiosk, and it didn’t take long before a picture of the demonic result appeared on Twitter. It’s more impressive than getting it to run on a cash register but not nearly as clever as getting it to work on an Ikea smart lamp, a crypto-wallet, or, better yet, an inkjet printer.

It also has an ergonomics problem, as you need to twist your neck to play. The person that installed Doom on the kiosk didn’t have enough time to fix it, but the display is rotated 90 degrees to the right. That aside, even John Romero himself approves of the idea of turning demons into Big Macs.

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