Skyrim online co-op mod reaches full release this week

Something to look forward to: Skyrim’s famous mod scene is still thriving after over a decade. This week, a mod bringing online co-op to the game will emerge from closed beta after years of development and significant setbacks. Players can now complete quests together with almost all gameplay features synced.

The mod team behind Skyrim Together Reborn has set the project’s full release for Friday, July 8 (noon EST). The online co-op mod allows for groups of two-to-eight players, synching quest completion, experience points, NPCs, items, difficulty, and other features. Players can also manually enable PvP, but the modders don’t recommend it, as that wasn’t their main design goal.

The Skyrim Together team has been developing a co-op mode for Bethesda’s single player mega-hit since 2016, completely scrapping it and beginning a rewrite in 2019.

The team warns that the full release will be quite buggy since it bolts online multiplayer onto a complex single player RPG, but development will continue post-launch. A similar mod for Fallout 4 is also in development, but it likely won’t appear for a while.

Skyrim Together Reborn is only compatible with the Steam version of Skyrim Special Edition 1.6. It doesn’t support Skyrim VR, Legendary Edition, or the Microsoft Store version. Players will be able to start their own servers or use servers from places like The mod will be open-source once it’s available on Nexus Mods.

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