Saquon Barkley Looks Ripped in These New Shirtless Training Photos

As a running back who set a whole bunch of records as a rookie with his impressive speed, it’s to be expected that the New York Giants’ Saquon Barkley gets a lot of attention for those powerful legs.

His “tree trunk” quads have been the subject of many a meme, and he regularly shares insights on social media into how he trains his lower body, with moves like the Bulgarian split squat to build strength and size, box jump variations for explosive power, and Nordic hamstring curls, a highly challenging move that also happens to be favored by fellow pro football player Tyreek Hill.

However, the Pro Bowler and former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year has recently shared a series of photos on Twitter which focus on the upper body. Taken during what appear to be footwork drills at Quest Diagnostics Training Center, the shirtless images showcase the NFL superstar’s defined chest, jacked biceps, and shredded six-pack abs. It certainly looks like the offseason training regimen Barkley follows for blasting his chest, back, core and arms, as well as maintaining his overall athleticism, is paying off.

The last two years have been somewhat jinxed for Barkley—he tore his ACL in a 2020 game against the Chicago Bears and rolled his ankle in 2021 while playing the Dallas Cowboys—but these photos are a strong indicator that he is fighting fit and more than ready to get back on the field when the new season starts in September.

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