Sachin & Babi Resort 2023

For resort, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia were in a holiday state of mind. “We know our girl, and we know what she comes here for,” Babi said over Zoom. “She comes to us for something special, all things occasion.” Their lineup this season is a full range of special occasion dressing in an explosion of colors and evening materializations. “We want her to live her best life in color,” Babi continued. “We’re not afraid of it; it’s our heritage and that’s what we provide her with too.”

After two years of canceled holiday parties and low-key celebrations, the Ahluwalias are betting on their customers being ready to go back out to celebrate, and they’re not alone. Many of the designers I’ve spoken to for resort have been adamant about the return of evening and occasion dressing. “We were very focused this season. If it was not special or uplifting, then we simply edited it out,” Babi said. This practice will serve them well to differentiate their offering from the rest.

Colorful sequins and crepes build the bulk of the assortment, with a print program helping bring the classic day-to-night transitional element. The crepe lineup is the hero of the season, offering a variety of flattering cuts in monochrome styles that will surely hit the mark for their wide range of customers. The lineup is also more tailored this time around, which Sachin mentions is a seasonal choice aligned with their focus on holiday and occasion.

“We’re not a brand that’s trendy, and honestly thank God for that,” Babi said. “We have our own narrative and our own signature of delightful silhouettes, our own point of view of day-to-evening,” she added, pointing to her own dress (a Sachin & Babi, of course). “That’s where the girl is today, and we have to serve her well for that.” And whether their customer is a business woman like Babi or someone “starting her second job or who just got promoted,” as Sachin describes her, she’ll surely appreciate this pragmatism.

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