Rumour has it another Nintendo Direct is coming next week

And it’ll be focused on third-party games, a source claims.

The dust has barely settled on the last Nintendo Direct presentation, but rumour has it another is coming as soon as next week.

Nacho Requena – editor of Spanish games magazine, Manual – teased in a recent Twitch stream that new announcements – this time from major publishers about third-party games – is slated for this coming Tuesday, 28th June 2022.

“We should have a Nintendo Direct this coming Tuesday,” Requena reportedly said, as translated by VGC. “This will be mainly focused on third-party games – that’s what I’ve been told to expect.

“I’ve also been told that some Persona game will be present, though I don’t know which game,” Requena added. “I’ve also been told there will be another game that has been available for some time on other platforms… it’s been available for four years now.”

It’s the last sentence that’s particularly intriguing, and it has some excited fans hoping that that four-year-old game may be Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. We’ll have to wait and see on that, though.

Requena is the second industry insider to have made claims that a Nintendo Direct is coming next week, although that person, Sony Santa Monica’s Alanah Pearce, suggested it may arrive on 29th June instead.

Last week’s Nintendo Direct saw Xenoblade Chronicles 3 take centre stage in a dedicated Nintendo Direct broadcast on Wednesday 22nd June.

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