Robin takes the lead in new Gotham Knights trailer

A new trailer for Gotham Knights (the game, not the TV show) puts the spotlight firmly on Robin.

“It’s hard to imagine a Robin without a Batman,” muses the masked hero, before resolving that he will figure it all out. What then unfolds is a bombastic trailer with Robin showing off his athletic prowess. This includes his various attacks and how he can use “teleportation tech from the Justice League’s satellite” to “zap [himself] short distances in a fight”.

You can check out this latest spot from Warner Bros. Games below.

It’s Robin’s time to shine in new Gotham Knights trailer.

Previous gameplay reveals and trailers have taken a closer look at fellow Knights Nightwing and Red Hood.

Since the release of these teasers, Gotham Knights’ developer has also given us more detail on these characters, including an insight into the designs of Nightwing’s glider and Red Hood’s mystic leap.

Meanwhile, the team has also addressed the criticism it received surrounding its initial depiction of Barbara Gordon, and her spinal injury.

Creative director Patrick Redding said the team had been working with AbleGamers to “learn about different types of spinal injuries and the potential for someone to regain mobility.”

As well as this, the Gotham Knights team updated the character’s description on its website to better detail her ongoing rehabilitation.

Gotham Knights is due to release on 25th October for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. For full details on the various editions available to preorder, check out our breakdown here.

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