Playstack and Laser Dog Games to open Playstack Leeds

Micro-studio headed by co-founders to provide developers with tools such as monetization, data analysis, and QA

Today game publisher Playstack and developer Laser Dog Games have announced the joint opening of Playstack Leeds, a new micro-studio.

The office is a new partnership between the London-based publisher and Laser Dog co-founders Simon Renshaw and Rob Allison.

Based out of Leeds, UK, Laser Dog Games was founded in 2012. Since its establishment, the studio has developed games such as Alone, Catchee, and Don’t Grind.

Playstack said that with Playstack Leeds, Renshaw and Allison will focus on developing new titles while Playstack provides resources such as QA, monetization, and data analysis.

“One of our core goals is to enable developers to focus on their passion for creating great games,” said Playstack CEO Harvey Elliott.

“Simon and Rob have already brought their boundless energy to Playstack showing a passion for creating, crafting, and shaping a new wave of games for our line-up.”

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