People Are Sharing The One Hack That Gets Them Through The Summer Without Fail, And I’m Making A Whole Checklist

“I can’t believe I suffered through every summer before learning this.”

Even if summer is your favorite season, you can acknowledge that the coming of the new season presents new challenges.


“Keep track of how much water you’re drinking. I keep a water bottle that marks how many ounces of water I drink, and I keep an app to record how much I’m drinking in a day. I used to be someone who was perpetually dehydrated, which meant that I had headaches and was tired most of the time. Since keeping track of my water intake, I feel so much better. This is especially important in the summer, as you’re sweating much more!”

—Anonymous, 43, OR


“GRILL YOUR WATERMELON. Trying this literally changed the game, and now it’s a hit at every barbecue I host. The grill’s smokiness adds an amazing flavor to the watermelon. It’s equal parts sweet and savory, all in one.”

Ray Kachatorian / Getty Images

—Anonymous, 33, MN


“AC is a rarity in the UK, and our nights get ridiculously hot sometimes. When I get up in the morning, I put my sheet in the freezer so I have something cool to sleep under. If I forget, then I wet the sheet and wring it out until it’s almost dry but still cool. I also have a gel insert that goes inside my pillowcase, which doesn’t need to be frozen, so it’s always cold.”



“To avoid sweaty pit stains, I stick panty liners in the armpits of my shirt”



Get a pack of hydrating serum sheet masks for your face. Put them in the fridge. Apply them when you’re overheated, sweaty, or sunburned (if the skin is not too irritated or peeling). The cool moisture is a lifesaver.”



“Make a solution of 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water, and put it in zip lock bags. Then put them in the freezer. We use these on bumps and bruises when we get hurt, AND they’re great to put on the back of your neck when it’s hotter than heck outside. Plus, they’re reusable!”

—Anonymous, 38, United States


“Around June, I’ll grab a cheap ice cube tray and pour in coffee to freeze overnight. This way, I can toss them into my morning iced coffee. It keeps the drink cold, and it just melts into more coffee!”

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—Anonymous, 25, LA


“For summer trips, I’m always rolling my clothes into my suitcase. This saves room in any luggage, but I find it’s much easier to do with lighter pieces of clothing, and it’s perfect to shove everything into one bag for a quick weekend getaway!”

—Anonymous, 38, WA


“I always make sure to bring baby powder with me if I’m going to the beach! It’s the best hack to remove sand (wet or dry) off your feet so you can put your shoes back on.”

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—Anonymous, 30, TX

“Baby powder takes sand off of your skin quickly and easily.”



“If you’re worried about sweat, you might need to be using an antiperspirant instead of deodorant. I spent years sweating through regular deodorant, only to realize that its main purpose is to mask odor, whereas an antiperspirant is used to stop sweating. Since switching to an antiperspirant, I’ve totally stopped sweating under my arms, and will add it to places like the back of my neck and my thighs where I’m likely to sweat on days when I’m more active. I can’t believe I suffered through every summer before learning this.”

—Anonymous, 42, NV


“If you’ve got kids or just find yourself frequently bored with more free time in the summer, you can make a list of quick, easy activities, cut each one out, and drop it into a bowl. This way, when boredom strikes, you can pull out a random activity to do! We’ve color-coded ours depending on what kind of activity to look for. My kids know to grab a pink slip from the bowl for a quick at-home activity, and green for when we’re looking for a fun day trip like the pool or zoo!

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“I have two kids, and I’ve also found that it cuts back on fighting over what to do when the bowl determines our activity.”



“Semi-professional road tripper here: Save your coins! We start in September and save up loose change and then convert it. We still do a coin jar for cursing in my house, so I added in way more than expected. Luckily, my sister manages a grocery store, so there is no convenience fee as we trade the rolled coins for money! Last year, we were able to save nearly $400 because of loose change. We used it on our breakfast stops and gas stops, and we had enough for the way home. We are flying this summer and still saving up the loose change for our airport snacks and coffee!”



“I’m still wearing a mask, and when summer rolls around, I start sweating underneath like crazy. You can actually buy inserts underneath your mask to separate the mask from your skin while still keeping it against your face. I also like to cut skincare face masks in half and use them underneath for a bit of extra hydration, and no one can tell!”

—Anonymous, 29, TN


“If you have kids, apply their sunscreen with a makeup brush! My kids HATED waiting while I applied their sunscreen before jumping into the pool. When I switched to a makeup brush, it instantly became more relaxing, even like a fun game! If your kid hates sunscreen application, this is definitely worth a shot!”

Monicaninker / Getty Images

—Anonymous, PA


“Putting aloe gel in the fridge feels amazing on any sunburn.”



“So my money-saving hack comes with an upfront investment, but it’s totally worth it, at least for my family. We live near a major theme park. The park offers season passes for around $130, which gives you unlimited park and water park access. In addition to that, you can add on an all-season dining pass for $105. Now hear me out, I know how expensive that seems up front, but for my family of six, it makes a ton of sense. The food pass allows for two meals each time you’re at the park, with just four hours between the meals. It’s not top-notch food; there is Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, and a variety of other options, but one plate will easily feed two people, or if you have a small appetite or small kids, even three people. And to top it all off, you do not have to be in the park between meals!

Sdi Productions / Getty Images

“My husband and I purchased four season passes and two meal plans for our family of six, and it was costly upfront; however, we were saving a minimum of $400 each month in groceries and electricity. We aren’t home to cook, so that is cutting the power down, and not using the oven is keeping my house cooler during the hellish summer. Not to mention, my kids and I have a fun outing to look forward to each day. So far, we’ve been around 10 times, and we’re still not through all the rides yet!”

—Anonymous, 27, SC


“If you drive to the beach for the day, use a clean weed sprayer filled with water to get the sand off you so that it doesn’t get in your car.”


What’s your summer hack essential? Let me know in the comments!

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