An open world Terminator game is in development, Meta is dropping the need of a Facebook account with the Quest VR headset, Pokémon Puzzle Quest is coming to the Switch, Xbox will be at GamesCom, and the Matrix Awakens demo is disappearing.

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Richard Li

The Terminator will be back in an open world survival game. Developed by Nacon Milan, a young studio with only the title Rims Racing under its belt, this untitled Terminator game will be set before the events of Judgement Day when the war between humans and machines begins. The teaser image shows the T-800, the robot skeleton under Arnold Schwarzenneger’s synthetic skin in the films, but no details so far on whether the iconic actor, or any characters from the films, will make an appearance.

Starting in August, Quest users will no longer need to use their FB account to log in! Instead, users will need to create a new Meta account in order to use their headset.

This move is all a part of Meta’s plan to continue shifting away from the Facebook brand as well as a response to user dissatisfaction with the Facebook account requirement.

Nintendo has announced that the N64 game Pokemon Puzzle League is coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on July 15.

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