New ‘Ranveer Vs. Wild’ Trailer Promises No-Holds-Barred Adventure

Following in the footsteps of Akshay Kumar, Vicky Kaushal, and even PM Modi, Ranveer Singh is set to become the next face of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild, featuring Bear Grylls.

The Netflix-bound show released a trailer earlier this Friday:

This time around, the reality-nature show takes us into the depths of Serbia’s forests, where Singh is in search of a rare, ‘immortal’ flower for his wife, actor Deepika Padukone.

“For love, people are willing to get the moon and the stars,” bellows Singh into a camera. “I am going to pick a flower for Deepika. It’s a rare flower, and like my love for her, it never dies.”

The trailer expands on what previous teasers have shown us, with glimpses of Singh’s encounters with wolves, bears, and survivalist techniques such as rappelling and cave exploration. Many of these segments are filmed in an interactive format that allows viewers to choose between two options, with Singh directly ‘appealing’ to us for help.

The producers really put Singh through his paces, as the actor apparently finds himself going through some rather gross moments onscreen, including accidentally smearing his forehead with wolf feces to having to choose between enjoying a course of pus-filled maggots versus a boar’s testicles for dinner – common fare, considering that this is a Bear Grylls show.

Speaking about his experience of working with Singh, Grylls said, “I am excited to be working with Ranveer. He is a supremely talented actor and a fireball of energy. The best part about him is his insatiable thirst for growth and adventure. Together with Netflix, Ranveer and I are thrilled to bring the ultimate adventure to audiences across the world.”

Forced to get out of his comfort zone, Singh will feature across 70 minutes for the exciting new feature. Fans seemed riled up at the possibilty of sending Ranveer into deadly situations… even though the show is obviously quite scripted.

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Ranveer Vs Wild With Bear Grylls will be available to stream on Netflix from 8th July.

(Featured Image Credits: Netflix India)

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