Lego’s largest Super Mario set is the 2,807-piece Mighty Bowser

In a nutshell: The latest addition to Lego’s Super Mario product line for adults is now official. The Mighty Bowser is a 2,807-piece set designed for build, play or display that’s modeled after the King of the Koopas.

Set #71411 is intended for builders aged 18+ and joins other Nintendo products in the adult line including the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block. Lego said each set in the line is designed to evoke nostalgia from fans who remember Mario as an intrinsic part of their childhood.

The Mighty Bowser features a button to control his head, neck and mouth. If you pull the trigger fully, Bowser will even shoot a fireball out of his mouth. Loose joints are used in the tail and legs, so it looks as if he is jumping when you lift the model. Lego even added two towers for Bowser to knock over, one of which is hiding a POW block.

Lego’s new set will use a handful of all-new elements to create details like Bowser’s teeth, fingers, horns, the edge of his shell and the spikes on his back. Most everything else was originally made for other builds such as vehicles or ships.

The model, including the display stand, measures more than 12.5 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 11 inches deep. There are also interactive Action Tag elements that can be used with figures that are sold separately.

The Mighty Bowser is set to launch on October 1 priced at $269.99.

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