Just 25 Things From Target That’ll Help You Make Your Home Feel A Little Fancier

And they’re all under $50. You’re welcome.

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A delightful striped hand towel for your kitchen or bathroom, because while plain white towels are fine, you deserve something colorful and fancy for summer! Thanks to its cotton terry construction, this towel is thick and absorbent so you won’t have to worry that it’s just another piece of flimsy cloth you’ll end up using as decor more than anything else.


Promising review: “I love this hand towel so much! I love how it ties together orange, navy, and rose. It completed my bathroom look for sure!” —Michaela

Price: $10 


A natural bath rug that looks like it was made for a tropical beach house. After all, it has gorgeous tassel detailing at the sides and its natural color screams day-spent-on-the-water-vibes. Talk about Bohemian-chic!


Promising review: “I love this rug!! It is so cute and is so my style! I got one for my bathroom and one for in front of my kitchen sink.” —Brosk 

Price: $20 


A plant arrangement breathing some life and luxury into your home. Now you’ll have the perfect thing to dress up your entry table, coffee table, bookshelf, or dresser. Plus, it’s generously sized for a great price! I mean, $5?? Yes, please.


Promising review: ” I love the affordable little fake plants at Target. They look real. You’d be surprised how many people ask me if they’re real or not. Placed it in a different pot for a pop of color.” —Cmhpally

Price: $5 


An accent lamp if your old one has seen better days and it’s time for a replacement. This one instantly adds some charm and elegance to every piece of furniture you own and comes in four beautiful finishes so you can buy one for every room of the house.


Promising review: Cuter than I thought. I have a simple style, and with the warm-colored bulb, I’m happy! And cost-effective.” —Tm

Price: $12 (available in four colors) 


A unique decorative wall mirror in case your bare white walls could use a style lift. After all, this mirror features breath-taking geometric detailing, making it look like a bougie find you found traveling in some far away land, even if you just purchased it from the comfort of your couch.


Promising review:This mirror is a showstopper. Hung it in a bathroom remodel and it just livens up the room. Heavy and great quality.” —Jstorm

Price: $45


A luxurious faux rabbit fur blanket to drape over chairs, loveseats, and your couch. Other perks? It doesn’t shed and is soft to the touch, so don’t be surprised if it outclasses every single blanket you own.


Promising review: “This is an elegant throw. It was my go-to Christmas gift for friends as it looks luxurious draped on a chair or sofa. Also, my husband and son use it to keep warm. They comment on how soft it is.” —Wailea08

Price: $30 (available in three colors) 


A black and gold schoolhouse desk lamp combining industrial, farmhouse, and modern vibes all in one. While this lamp is undeniably stunning, it is also very convenient thanks to an adjustable stand and easy to place base. Now, your work desk will look (and function!) as good as new.


Promising review: “I love this lamp, and I ordered two for my nightstands. I was looking for a cute lamp to go with my farmhouse decor but not something that everyone has either. I love the gold accents on it and that the head is adjustable. It gives off a great amount of light for when I want to read at night, and it’s easy to turn off and on. I am very happy with my purchase.” —Sadie Pinkey

Price: $40 


A decorative wall clock so you can tell the time in style. The sophisticated, graceful design will have people thinking it was custom made just for you.


Promising review: “I’ve had mine a year now, and I have to say there are absolutely no problems. It’s great and looks gorgeous on my wall.” —IrisFox

Price: $35


A round woven basket you can use for plants, spare bedding, and other knickknacks in the house. Because the antithesis of fancy homes is clutter and we’ll be having none of that.


Promising review: “Great basket! Very sturdy. It was perfect for my Olive tree!” —Brooke

Price: $30+ (available in two sizes) 


A gorgeous golden candle that looks like it definitely belongs on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. The best part? It is only $6! You get a candle, and you get a candle, everybody gets a candle!


Promising review: “I love this candle so much! It smells so good and pretty strong for such a small candle. I can even smell it after I blow it out when I’m nearby. Also, it burns really evenly- no tunneling at all.” —julianne

Price: $6


A hanging woven planter with faux eucalyptus to help bring a pop of greenery to your walls. Now, you can master that botanist-chic look, even if you’re the kind of person who overwaters their house plants.


Promising review: “I purchased one of these in the store and thought it was cute!  Once I got home, it became one of my favorite things quickly!  I think it looks absolutely adorable! My college daughter liked it so much that we ordered one for her dorm and added picks as well as fairy lights to hers!” —NurseDeb

Price: $25


A tile vinyl accent mat so cleaning up spilled drinks, food, or pet accidents won’t have you shaking your fist at the sky. Plus, it is neutral and very classy, so it’ll fit into any decor theme of your choosing.


Promising review: “This isn’t a thick rug. It is a vinyl-like mat. I love the design! I would buy it again! It looks great in our old bathroom! Super easy to clean.” —Lululove

Price: $40


A blackout curtain panel if you want something that blocks out light but is equally stylish. This is giving me an overall sophisticated and Anthropologie — or Pottery is it Barn?? — vibe so it’s definitely a steal.


Promising review: “I love these curtains. They are heavy and block the light very well. Great quality and design. There are two different options on how to hang on your curtain rod as well.” —Mmc 

Price: $33


A banana leaf doormat you don’t have to be a plant parent to appreciate. After all, it’s pretty and filled with a gorgeous swirl of colors. Now please excuse me while I add one to my own shopping cart.


Promising review: “Added color to our porch. It is really cute layered with the Opalhouse accent rug.” —SDMama34

Price: $13


A colorblocked decorative pillow, available in five gorg colors, so you can give your bedroom a simple upgrade. I, personally, am in LOVE with the mustard color. It’s fun, functional, and adds a pop of color to any space.


Price: $20 (available in five colors) 


A bronze scent warmer so classy and gorgeous, everyone will assume it’s actually a prized antique. However, this piece isn’t just mighty purdy, it’s also safer than open-flame candles! Just throw some wax in the top, let it melt, and bask in the delicious scent now wafting through your home.


Promising review:The light bulb offers a lovely warm light, and it’s just so pretty! The bulb also warms up and melts really quickly.” —Allie 

Price: $16


A wooden wall shelf with leather hooks because those days of forgetfulness that lead to sleepless nights wondering where you put your keys should be behind you. With its spacious pockets and six hanging hooks, you can keep mail, keys, even your wallet in a place where you can always find them. Oh, and it’s fancy! What’s not to love?


Promising review: “I love this shelf! It’s functional and beautiful! Perfect in my kitchen.” —Amy L

Price: $25 


Or an elegant modern entryway system that’ll prevent piles of clutter from taking over your coffee table. After all, this system offers one shelf, a storage pocket, plus five pegs, so all your VIP products won’t go missing again. Problem solved!


Promising review: “Very simple and sturdy, this item is well-made and provides a nice variety of organization in a small space.” —cxlxb

Price: $30


A hanging tapestry to give your wall decor some oomph! Putting up this tapestry is also pretty simple — use the attached rope at the top to hang it, and voila! You’re good to go!


Promising review: “Perfect in every way. It’s not real shibori, but it looks just like it. The tassels are beautiful and really add to the authentic look. Buy it! You won’t be sorry!” —Annie Jill 

Price: $30


A faux leather lumbar pillow if your goal is to make your bed look and feel like the lavish hotel bed you fell in love with last summer.


Promising review: “I just happened to be shopping for a few items for our guest bedroom because we had family coming. Spotted this lumbar pillow in cognac and it is perfect. Our guest bed has a bit of a gap between the headboard and the mattress. This is not only decorative but functional for putting behind the pillow when you want to sit up in bed for a moment.” —GolfWidow

Price: $35


A magnetic globe making you look like a seasoned world traveler even if you haven’t been on an airplane in ages. This globe comes with three magnets you can use to place pictures, post-its, and more so you can keep track of lists, chores, and even places you someday want to visit!


Promising review: “Super cute! This item is bigger than I thought! It is not too small nor too big, just right. Love the design and the color! It comes with three small magnets, which I used to put my Polaroids up.” —Veronica 

Price: $14


A fake greenery wreath because if you’re still buzzing about a regal cottagecore look, then here you go! This lil bb will have you feeling like you’re entering a fairy’s home every day instead of your musty appartment.


Promising review: “For the price, you can’t beat it! I have double doors, so I got two. They are a perfect size and pretty well made.” —Hood

Price: $10 


A small brass vase that looks like it came from West Elm, even though it only costs $10 at Target. Get ready for all your friends and family to give this vase a double-take when you tell them how little you paid for it.


Promising review: “Looks like it’s more expensive and better quality!” —eshippers

Price: $10 


A set of three decorative wall flowers so you can have a little slice of spring to hold onto all year long. Plus, you can add these babies to more than just your walls — try large vases, baskets, and other home items that could use some fancy floral whimsy!


Promising review: “Beautiful! They are much larger than you’d think, which makes them a great value for the price. The quality is nice, the coloration is very neutral, and is easy to pair with your other decor. I will be getting more of these.”  —bri

Price: $25


And a wood and marble bookend to breathe some elegance into your bookshelf. The neutral tone of this bookend means it’ll fit into any decor aesthetic, whether it’s Bohemian-chic or maximalist-inspired. And you’ll no longer wake up in fright in the middle of the night when your TBR list that’s precariously placed on your shelves comes crashing down.


Promising review: “Beautiful books ends. Very stylish. So versatile & modern. They are just the right weight..not too light or heavy. Have padding on the bottom to protect furniture. Thank you Target!!” —RM172

Price: $15

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