It Cost How Much? Learn Why Kendrick Lamar’s Diamond-Encrusted Crown Is One Of A Kind

The story behind the crown.

After a five-year hiatus, Kendrick Lamar burst back into music with his album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers. With popular commentary suggesting this is his most vulnerable and transparent album, K-Dot’s latest musical effort didn’t come without its fair share of hidden messages and deep meanings. At the top of that list was the cover art, most notably, the diamond-encrusted crown he’s been wearing since he announced the album. Looking to figure out the infatuation and reasoning behind the crown, Lamar and his team have dropped some breadcrumbs about it.

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A Modern Crown of Thorns

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The obvious parallel with Kendrick’s crown is its similarity to the one worn by Jesus during the crucifixion. Kendrick denies being anyone’s spiritual leader, but I did peep the songs “Savior” and “Crown” on the latest album. Maybe it is an ode to him being a king?

Your Majesty, Maybe?

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Kendrick has recorded two songs with King references, “King Kunta” and “King’s Dead.” Both songs speak to the struggles and triumphs of Black leaders. Could his crown-wearing be his own messaging about his place in society or the rap game?

He Didn’t Do It Alone

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The creation of Kendrick’s crown was not a solo effort. The now staple piece was a collaboration between K-Dot, his creative director Dave Free, and Tiffany & Co.

There Has to Be a Deeper Meaning

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While I have my speculations that the crown has several meanings, Dave Free explained to Vogue that the crown is “a godly representation of hood philosophies told from a digestible youthful lens.” On the other hand, Kendrick personally stated after a recent performance of “Savior” that the song was his favorite because it speaks on imperfections. And he wears the crown as a personal reminder. “They judge you, they judge Christ,” Kendrick said. You see? Multiple meanings!

Patience Is Really a Virtue

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Unlike any other piece at Tiffany’s, Kendrick couldn’t just walk into the store and pick up the crown. The exclusive headpiece was designed over 10 months and took over 1,300 hours between four craftsmen to handset the diamonds.

He’s Also Not Saweetie, But This Crown Is So Icy

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Kendrick’s crown of thorns includes 8,000 cobblestone micro pavé diamonds totaling more than 137 carats and weighs an estimated 200g. It looks light, but that has to be a heavy weight to carry.

It Came with a Seven-Figure Price Tag

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After attending England’s Glastonbury Festival, Kendrick was caught backstage by the YouTube channel, The Unknown Vlogs. When asked about the price tag of the crown — one of Kendrick’s associates blurted out that it was worth $3 million.

The Crown Has Its Own Tour Dates

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Beyond the Glastonbury Festival, Kendrick was spotted during a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris for Fashion Week. I, too, would wear that joint everywhere if I had a $3 million crown.

There’s Nothing Else Like It in the World

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A part of the crown’s mystique is that there is nothing else in the world like it. Tiffany’s made the crown exclusively for the Compton native and even engraved “Mr. Morale” on the headpiece before finding its place in the coveted blue box.

Tell us what you think about Kendrick’s crown. Is it too much or just enough?

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