I Was A Tattoo Apprentice For A Day And Even Got To Use A Machine — Here’s Everything I Learned From It

I was on a total high after finishing my tattoo. Like it was genuinely one of the best experiences of my life. I got the same adrenaline rush I’ve had when I’ve gotten tattoos, and I felt on top of the world — I can’t imagine how much more exhilarating it is to actually tattoo someone’s body and share in that experience with them!!!

I was so impressed to see just how much care and preparation goes into each and every tattoo and to witness all the different approaches the artists had. From the consultations to designing to redesigning to promoting yourself on social media to setting up the space to actually TATTOOING, there’s so much more to this art than I’d ever even considered.

Finally, I loved seeing how much love the artists had for their clients and their work. Hearing their stories of tattooing loved ones, those grieving, those who’d overcome struggles and were looking to celebrate their resilience — it was all infinitely inspiring. It was seriously one of the most magical experiences ever.

(And this was clearly just scratching the surface of tattooing.)

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