How To Recruit Byleth In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Was it a shock in that first cutscene when the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses shows up as the antagonist of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? It’s just the kind of twist we’ve come to expect from the series. However, it doesn’t have to end with one of you impaled on an enchanted sword. You can be friends instead. Byleth is available to be recruited into the ranks of your army. As is the Patriarch of Puns, Alois, and Super-dad, Jeralt. Not only that, Byleth is one of the most powerful characters you can have at your side. Plus, having them in your party puts you on the path to a much happier ending.

Each faction has a different way of recruiting the Ashen Demon, and it’s possible to blow your chances on each one. You’ll be warned in advance, so don’t forget to make additional saves as needed.

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Blue Lions

On the Azure Gleam path, your opportunity to recruit Byleth comes up when you hit Chapter 12. You’ll be given a fair warning: “Your actions in this battle will greatly impact the outcome of the story.” This will pop up before you start the mission.

Before the battle, you’re going to want to make sure you have the “Locate Ambushers” strategy. This is unlocked by surveying a spot on the map, specifically one in the Menja Territory region. When you’re prompted to activate it, make sure you do by holding right on the d-pad. This will reveal mercenaries across the map, and it’s now your job to avoid them. That includes the teammates you’re babysitting. Consider commanding them to defend the stronghold to make sure they don’t set off any of the ambushers.

Ugh! So annoying!

An arrow on your map will direct you on the correct route to get through without hitting an ambush. Feel free to nab any strongholds along the route. You’ll then be prompted to take out the mercenaries. Do so, then it’ll be time to eliminate Fleche.

Finally, you’ll need to fight against Randolph. You’ll be given a secondary objective to defeat Byleth. Don’t do it, and make sure none of your teammates get the idea to go after them. Instead, defeat Randolph. Doing so will get Jeralt, Alois, and the mighty Ashen Demon into your ranks.

Black Eagles

Once again, the Black Eagles get their chance to induct Byleth on Chapter 12. Like the Blue Lions’ path, you’ll be warned ahead of time that this is dangerous business.

A much better outcome than the alternative.

Make sure you have the “Resonant Lightning Strategy” unlocked before the battle. You find this by surveying on the battle map. Play the battle as usual until you’re hit with the prompt to use it and do so.

Continue on until you’re given a side-mission to aid the engineers. Make sure to do this before advancing further. Again, you’ll be given the side-mission to eliminate Byleth. Don’t do it, and keep an eye on your friends in case they try to be a hero. Keep them busy until you’re given the task of taking down the Alois, and Rodrigue. Knocking them down before Byleth takes a bow will bring the crew into your ranks.

Yellow Deer

Yellow Deer gets the ability to recruit Byleth a bit earlier than the other houses at Chapter 10 of the Golden Wildfire. Once again, you’ll be prompted that your choices in the mission are going to have lasting effects. There are no strategies you really need to pick up here, but you’re given the ability to persuade Yuri, who seems very unexciting next to the more notable mercenaries.

The first pivot in the mission is gathering information on your enemies. In order to complete this, you need to be quick. Once Alois shows up, a timer will start ticking down until he retreats. If he does, you’ll fail the main mission and will need to start over if you want to recruit Byleth.

Just make sure you beat both the clock and Alois.

Claude will then attempt to draw out Byleth. To complete this, you merely need to keep him protected until he reaches his destination. He will then turn around in retreat. It’s here that you’re given the side-mission of taking down Byleth. Don’t do it. While you can send your teammates to distract her, make sure she doesn’t die, as this will slide you onto the path where you cannot recruit her.

Once Claude finishes his retreat, you have one more task to complete: take down Fleche. Once again, ignore Byleth and make sure she doesn’t fall in battle. If you can beat Fleche before she does, you’ll add Alois, Jeralt, and Byleth to your collection of friends.

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