How To Get Every Free Reward From Apex Legends Mobile’s Latest Login Event

Apex Legends Mobile‘s new Cheers to the Apex Community event isn’t the record-breaking mobile game‘s first login bonus event, but it is one of the first to contain high-quality free rewards.

While previous login bonus events have provided players with low-tier cosmetic rewards, Cheers to the Apex Community contains several unique, valuable free rewards–including a Legendary-tier cosmetic. Keep reading for a closer look at all the snazzy prizes available in the new event, along with some tips on how to make the most of them.

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Getting started

Upon opening the Apex Mobile app, you will be met with a splash screen announcing the event. You will have automatically unlocked the first prize, so simply hit “claim” to obtain it. If you accidentally close the window before claiming your prize, select the Seasonal Events banner on the right side of the screen, then select the Limited Time tab. This page will take you to a page listing active limited-time seasonal events like Loba’s Soirée. On the right side of this screen is a menu naming the active events. Select the Cheers to the Apex Community tab from this menu, which will then take you to the event page where you can redeem any unclaimed prizes.

Completing the event

The Cheers to the Apex Community event is quite easy to complete–all you have to do is log into Apex Legends Mobile each day of the week to claim your rewards. But to obtain each of the free rewards (including the Legendary banner frame), you cannot miss a day, as the event is only active this week.


The following login rewards can be redeemed for free during the event:

  • First day: Rare-tier You Are The Nail Caustic holospray
  • Second day: 2,000 XP
  • Third day: 3,000 diamonds, used to unlock free cosmetics from the Seasonal Shop
  • Fourth day: Rare-tier Before The Rift Wraith banner pose
  • Fifth day: Mission Cards (2), used to auto-complete seasonal missions and challenges
  • Sixth day: 5,000 diamonds
  • Seventh day: Legendary-tier Unfairgrounds Mirage banner frame


  • Unlike treasure packs, you do not need to play any matches to redeem the event’s free rewards–simply logging daily in will unlock them.
  • Other events are also active on the Limited Time events tab, including Loba’s Soirée and the user survey. Even if you’ve previously completed a survey, you can take another one in return for 50 free Flux, so get moving–the survey will only be available until 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET today. However, unlike the Cheers to the Apex Community event and the user survey, Loba’s Soirée does not have free rewards, and the event will end on June 29.
  • If you have not already done so, you can also connect your Apex Legends Mobile account to your EA account by selecting Connect Accounts from the Limited Time menu. Doing so will unlock Wraith as a playable character and reward you with both the Epic-tier Hot Pursuit Octane skin and the Epic-tier Game Day avatar frame for your user profile. The Connect Accounts event expires on July 12.

Curiously, selecting the question mark on the event page brings up a screen that reads, “Log in to get your Autumn Celebration reward!” This could be an unintended error displaying content meant for later this fall, or it could be a hint at the game’s next battle pass theme–Cold Snap went live in the middle of June, so an autumn-themed battle pass or event launching in July certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

The Cheers to the Apex Community event began on June 26, so if you logged in yesterday, you’ll have an extra day to complete the reward track and can afford to miss a day. But the event ends this Sunday, so if today is your first time logging in this week and you’re dead-set on snagging that Legendary banner frame, be sure not to skip any days. The Cheers to the Apex Community event ends on July 3.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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