How to beat post-holiday bloat, according to First Dates’ CiCi Coleman

As we all await our highly anticipated trips abroad this summer after most of us won’t have been on a plane for the best part of two years, there’s something many of us have forgotten about – the dreaded post-holiday bloat.

Whether it’s wine and bread, or ice cream and pizza; most people’s usual diet goes out the window on holiday and, while it’s all fun and games at the time, a lot of people (myself included) end up feeling like a sack of potatoes upon their return home.

However, First Dates favourite Cici Coleman is here to save the day, and has advised us how to get back into tip-top shape after a luxurious (and delicious) holiday.

Cici Coleman’s shared her top-tips for feeling your best before and after your holiday

Cici’s best known for starring on Channel 4’s First Dates

As well as being a well-known face on the Channel 4 show, Cici’s also an online fitness coach.

Advising us on how to feel our best selves again after feeling a bit frumpy after holiday, Cici said: “Firstly, accept it; remind yourself that the bloat is there because you entirely switched off and enjoyed that chocolate ice cream to the max.”

She went on: “Then get back to your regular exercise routine. Get your water intake up, and get the body moving. The biggest thing I encourage is to have your plan in place ahead of even going away. Get that first gym session back in the diary, and tell a friend you’ll meet them for that first workout class back.

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! If you’ve got something to hold you accountable, then you’re already way ahead! Taking a rest is good for the body – yes, you may feel sluggish and overindulged, but chances are you’ll feel well-rested and ready to hit the ground running too.”

Cici is an online fitness coach as well as First Dates star

Cici’s revelations come after she candidly shared her own post-holiday bloat after her trip to Bali.

Sharing before and after photos, she wrote to her 170,000 Instagram followers: “I don’t think I look bad in either picture, but they couldn’t be more opposite when I compare the difference in my energy and mental state. I wrote a journal on the day I took picture 2; I was so negative in my feelings towards my body; Even though I was on a Bali high, I missed feeling like myself.

“When I have energy, I am the best version of myself, for me and everyone around me.

“The only way I can feel mentally strong, and alert is when I’m training and eating well. So that’s what I did; I ate well and followed a home workout plan designed by me.”

Another topic Cici discussed with OK! Online was shredding a few pounds quickly before donning that dreaded bikini once again; but Cici insists that there are no “quick fixes”.

“’Weight loss’, ‘quickly’ and ‘healthily’ unfortunately don’t go together,” she began.

“We can all lose weight quickly by simply not consuming enough calories or one of the many fad diets you’ll be told will work. The “quick fix” is a waste of time, money and effort; just as quick as you lose it, you will put it back on and begin the cycle of investing into yet another fad diet. It’s about making a lifestyle change that’s long-term and sustainable.”

Continuing to detail what she tells her clients, the blonde beauty continued: “I always tell them that if you invest in a long-term solution, you can healthily lose weight, sustain the loss and enjoy the process. Not only that, you never need to spend that time, effort and money ever again! Not only do my clients have cake, cookies and pancakes on their meal plans, but they get a toolkit on how to maintain this lifestyle indefinitely.”


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