Here Are 8 Places Around London I Was Super Surprised To Find Out Were Used In Netflix Shows And Movies

London is one big studio set.

Recently, we got the chance to go on a Netflix-themed tour of Central London to see where all of our fave shows were shot.

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From Bridgerton to The Crown, the UK’s capital has been a filming location for many ~amazing~ Netflix shows and films. The tour was provided by SANDEMANs New Europe Tours in partnership with Netflix, and gave us the chance to visit must-see locations and soak up some awesome behind-the-scenes insights!

I was pretty surprised to find out that so many places I walk past every day in London are locations Netflix has filmed in. Let’s take a look at a few of them, shall we?


Lancaster House, The Mall

Sam Cleal/BuzzFeed

This charming house used to be owned by the Royal family; unsurprisingly, a lot of The Crown has been shot here!

Adrian Dennis/AFP/Liam Daniel/Netflix / Via Getty Images

Lancaster House also appears in Bridgerton under the guise of “Buckingham Palace”, which is located nearby on The Mall. Buckingham Palace was actually known as The Queen’s House because Queen Charlotte adored it and resided there.


Statues of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and King George VI, The Mall

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These memorial statues are of Queen Elizabeth II’s parents. Her father reigned from 1936 to 1952 when Elizabeth II succeeded him. The Queen’s mother survived her husband by half a century, and died in 2002.


In The Crown, the statue of King George VI only appears as the Queen Mother is still alive, but the likeness was changed somewhat in post-production to look like the actor who played him, Jared Harris.


The Reform Club, St. James’s

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This private member’s club has been the location of many films and TV shows including The King’s Speech and Paddington. It is also the setting for Anthony and Simon’s club in Bridgerton.

Liam Daniel/Netflix / Via Getty Images

The club appears in Season 1 a few times. Wealthy men would go to places like The Reform Club to surround themselves with other wealthy men and escape the company of women.


Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket

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This is one of the many West End theatres owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber. His musical, The Phantom of the Opera, is still playing to capacity, making it the longest-running production in the theatre’s history.


In The Crown, Diana dances to “Uptown Girl” here as a gesture to Charles for his birthday. The scene was shot in the theatre using its own orchestra and costumes! This really happened, but it was at the Royal Opera House that the real Diana gave her surprise performance.


St James’s Church, Piccadilly

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You might not recognise this discreet little church next to the bustling Piccadilly Circus, but it’s actually been there since 1684!

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Anthony and Kate’s doomed wedding takes place here. The exterior shots of the scene were actually filmed at Hampton Court Palace, a favourite place of Queen Charlotte’s, but all of the interior filming was done in St James’s Church.


Covent Garden

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Tourists will instantly recognise Covent Garden Market – after all, it’s a pretty fabulous place to visit!


The market appears in Enola Holmes, but all is not what it seems! Filmmakers actually recreated Covent Garden in Greenwich, but called it Covent Garden Market nonetheless. Tewkesbury works there, and it’s where Enola discovers him again.


The Lyceum Theatre, The Strand

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The iconic Lyceum Theatre is known for its long run of The Lion King, but it’s also the setting for quite a few scenes in – you guessed it, The Crown.

Robert Viglasky/Ollie Upton/Netflix

Every time the royals visit the opera, it’s usually the facade of The Lyceum you’re seeing.


The High Commission of Australia (Australia House), The Strand

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Australia House is basically the Australian embassy in London, and it’s pretty grand!

Des Willie/Netflix

It’s the filming location of *that* scene in The Crown where Diana meets Camilla for lunch and she finds out just how involved Camilla is in Charles’s life.

There are many other Netflix shows that have been shot in and around London, including Top Boy in Hackney, After Life in Hampstead, and a lot of Bridgerton was also shot on Greenwich. In fact, the actual Bridgerton house is there!

Here’s a little video of us on the tour! Let us know if you’ve been to any of these places before, or if you were surprised to find out they were used in Netflix shows and movies in the comments.

If you’d like to experience the tour for yourself and learn MUCH more about these amazing sites, you can! It’s running for one week from 11 to 17 July and it’s FREE! Visit here to book your spot.

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