George Russell Abandons His Race To Check On Zhou Guanyu After His Crash

Pardon the cheese, but while George Russell may not have won the race yesterday, he did win our hearts. The British driver who’s had a string of consecutive top-five finishes, abandoned his car to help his peer Zhou Guanyu who was involved in a horrific accident. 

The incident took place at the very start of the race, where Albon, starting at P16 and Zhou starting at P9 were caught up in a tangle involving Pierre Gasly and George Russell, which saw Zhou’s Afla somersaulting in the air before dangerously colliding into the barriers. 

First of all, the most important thing is that Zhou is ok. That was a scary incident and all credit to the marshals and medical team for their quick response.

Obviously gutted to end the race this way and I’m sorry for the team and the fans. Cheering LH on from the garage. ?

— George Russell (@GeorgeRussell63) July 3, 2022

Just behind them, there was another mishap involving Albon, Sebastian Vettel, Esteban Ocon and Yuki Tsunoda. Once the race was red-flagged, the FIA announced that both Zhou and Albon had been taken to the medical centre. “The FIA advises that following the incident at the start of the race, emergency crews were immediately in attendance, and the drivers of Car 23 (Albon) and Car 24 (Zhou) have been taken to the medical centre,” read a statement.

Zhou potentially escaped a life-threatening injury, cementing the importance of the ‘halo’ in Formula One cars. While most of the spectators seemed shell-shocked with the accident, Mercedes’ George Russell quickly sprung into action, abandoning his car, to help his fellow driver from the debris. 

Unfortunately, though, Russell soon had to retire from the race, losing out on crucial championship points. However, the sportsmanship of the Brit hasn’t gone unnoticed by the internet. Here’s what they are saying. 

George Russell today was something else, man. You don’t see sportsmanship like this every day. His first instinct was running to Zhou regardless of what that meant for his race and points, and that speaks volumes about the guy he is. ?

— deni (@fiagirly) July 3, 2022

George Russell’s action today shouldn’t go unnoticed today, a class act.

Alex Albon also asked the marshalls to check on Zhou first when they came to him.

Respect all around.

— F24 (@Formula24hrs) July 3, 2022

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