Former MLB Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth Is an Absolutely Shredded Bodybuilder Now

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You may know Kyle Farnsworth for his 17-year Major League Baseball career spanning from 1999 to 2014. Though the 46-year-old former pitcher left the major leagues in 2014, he hasn’t let his love of fitness falter. In fact, Farnsworth is now an absolutely jacked bodybuilder in his “retirement.”

Once sporting a relatively-slim baseball player physique, Farnsworth recently captured headlines for his status as a bludging competitive bodybuilder. In a recent YouTube video, Athlean-X trainer Jeff Cavaliere broke down Farnsworth’s incredible physical transformation—and why it may not be as surprising as it seems.

“No doubt, he looks like an absolute beast,” Cavaliere says of Farnsworth’s current physique. “The vascularity is sort of crazy, the size is ridiculous, the legs are absolutely shredded and humongous…Basically, Kyle Farnsworth is a big, jacked dude.”

At 6’4″ and currently 240 pounds, Cavaliere says Farnsworth has always had bodybuilding potential from a genetic standpoint, adding that he was also “one of the hardest workers in the room,” giving him the ability to capitalize on the hereditary leg-up.

“He was an anomaly when it came to baseball players, especially as a pitcher,” Cavaliere says in the video. “His size and his overall appearance were not what you would typically see. So he was always big.”

Cavaliere, who worked for the Mets from 2006 to 2008, was with the New York-based team at the same time that Farnsworth played for the Yankees. The trainer said he personally would see the pitcher “cranking out” countless leg extensions before any other players showed up on game day, showing his bodybuilding potential several years ago.

“I didn’t really see that as being the best, most functional way to train for his sport. Step-ups, lunges — there are better things that he could do,” Cavaliere said. “But he did a lot of leg extensions, so the fact that he’s now become a bodybuilder certainly doesn’t surprise me at all because I always wondered if he was more interested in bodybuilding versus pitching.”

Cavaliere also mentions the possibility of performance-enhancing drugs playing a role in the transformation, though the speculation is just that — entirely speculation. Yet, the trainer says performance-enhancers were a reality of the baseball era Farnsworth played in, citing that the former pitcher was on the receiving end of some PED rumors during his major league tenure.

During his time in the major leagues, the pitcher played for several teams from 1999 to 2014. He signed with the Chicago Cubs in 1999, playing with the team until 2004. He was then traded to the Detroit Tigers in 2005, then traded again to the Atlanta Braves later that same year. Farnsworth signed with the New York Yankees in 2006, playing with the team until 2008. In 2008, he was traded back to the Tigers, but swiftly signed to the Kansas City Royals from 2009-2010. In 2010, Farnsworth was traded back to the Braves, then signed with the Tampa Bay Rays from 2011 to 2013. In 2013, he traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, then to the New York Mets in 2014. He wrapped up his MLB career with the Houston Astros in 2014.

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