Five LGBTQIA+ art collectives to follow

Authority Collective

Founded in 2017, the Authority Collective is a group of more than 200 women, non-binary and gender expansive people of color working in the photography, film, and VR/AR industries. Their mission is to empower marginalized artists with resources and community, and to take action against systemic and individual abuses in the world of lens-based editorial, documentary and commercial visual work. Their work hinges on improving access, engendering accountability, and claiming the authority of Black, brown, Indigenous and LGBTQ+ people to tell our own stories. Intersectional solidarity is central to their values and all of their work: they recognize that they are stronger together, addressing the various experiences that are shared and those that are different across races, nationalities, genders, sexualities, abilities and the many things that inform how we move through the world.

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My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness

My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness is an ongoing digital project in exploration of the multiple existing facets of black queer identity. It is a protest, a celebration that frames blackness as a polyphony, a genre or melody with a vast variety of notes & textures — denouncing both white queer racism and black queer antagonism & queerphobia by way of art, film, and literature through fundraising, journal entries, films screenings, and other creative forms.

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