Fall Guys players believe it’s quicker to level up the battle pass if you lose

“It’s as if medals have no purpose anymore.”

Fall Guys players believe it’s now quicker to level up your battle pass if you lose rather than win.

That’s because of the game’s all new progression and monetisation systems that were introduced when the game switched to a free-to-play model earlier this week.

As spotted by Gamerant, players can still level up their battle pass, but with new daily, weekly, and long-term challenges also now available, it seems as though maximising those will help you progress faster than winning matches… and given the time it takes to secure a winning crown, you could potentially earn the same amount of Fame more quickly just by crashing out in early rounds.

“It’s as if medals have no purpose anymore,” opined one player on the game’s subreddit. “There’s no stats or leaderboards so they aren’t even being tracked. And since they took away kudos as a reward, you don’t earn bonus kudos anymore and apparently you earn more or less the same amount of fame no matter what medal you receive. Either it’s a bug or Mediatonic is brainless.”

Another went even further and capped their progress screens to show how fame rewards differ, saying: “It doesn’t motivate players to play better, and it might encourage some others to start AFK farming fame.”

Nothing can take away the bragging rights of securing a crown, of course, but it is frustrating to some players that you can seemingly generate XP quicker by messing up and exiting matches in early rounds.

ICYMI, within 48 hours of the colourful battle royale knockout game going free-to-play, Fall Guys reported it had hit 20 million players. That’s despite issue that left some players unable to find matches following server issues sparked by the game’s free-to-play and multiplatform relaunch. The game faced similar issues when it debuted on PlayStation 4 and Steam back in 2020.

Epic acquired Mediatonic last year and has since slowly integrated Fall Guys into Epic’s ecosystem. Players are now required to login with an Epic Games account to play and the game was removed from Steam’s storefront in favour of the Epic Games Store.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Kudos in Fall Guys and what you can spend it on.

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