Fall Guys patch fixes more free-to-play launch issues, including voice chat woes

PS5 parties also now able to join games.

Following Fall Guys’ successful, if slightly controversial, switch to free-to-play last week, developer Mediatonic has been plugging away to fix any launch week woes, and those continuing efforts have now manifested in a new patch which, among other things, should now enable PS5 players to get into games while in parties.

Beyond that headline fix, and tweaks to resolve a seperate bug preventing players from hearing party members in voice chat, Mediatonic’s latest patch notes suggest an update primarily targeting smaller issues across all versions of the game, rather than anything particularly seismic, with other fixes including a range of visual issues on Switch. Here’s the full list of tweaks and adjustments, for the curious, as per the Fall Guys Twitter account:

  • PS5 Players will now be able to get into games whilst in a Party
  • Teams will no longer spawn in the same place on Team Rounds
  • Fixed visual issue with Spawn FX on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed visual issue with Lilypad effects on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed buttons not working on Leading Light
  • Fixed some static intro cameras
  • Fixed issue with Airtime and Sweet Thieves intro cams not following the intended path
  • Fixed some invisible tiles loading in on Hex-a-Gone
  • Fixed bug which caused Party members to stay in queue, despite a new player joining the party
  • Fixed issue which caused a freeze when changing controller during bindings
  • Fixed visual issue when grabbing on a turntable
  • Fixed grabbed Beans not following the movement of mobile platforms
  • Fixed padlock not being removed from Season Pass once bought
  • Fixed some graphical corruptions on respawn VFX
  • Fixed issue with controller inputs not consistently being recorded after the bind button pop-up appears
  • Fixed issue causing other player’s Beans animations to become stuck during gameplay
  • Fixed bug which prevented players from hearing party members in Voice Chat
  • The Daily Store is currently disabled again whilst we look into a few things with it, and again it should be back ASAP!
Let’s Play Fall Guys Free to Play Release Day.

Fall Guys’ transition to a free-to-pay model seems to have paid off for Mediatonic. Despite some server wobbles on launch day, the developer reported Fall Guy’s new monetisation model – combined with its launch on two new platforms in Xbox and Switch – managed to push the game’s player base over the 20m mark just 24 hours after its free-to-play release.

Not everyone is happy though; some players say Fall Guys’ new progression and monetisation systems have created an environment where, in order to efficiently progress through the new Battle Pass, it’s actually less effective to win a game than it is to deliberately lose.

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