Did A$AP Rocky Just Propose to Rihanna in His New Video?

That burning question aside, there were plenty of other aesthetic delights to be found throughout the visual, which A$AP directed himself. Set on the streets of the Bronx—eagle-eyed stans have deduced it was shot last summer, based on paparazzi photos from the time and Rihanna’s lack of a baby bump—the video features fire hydrant-soaked block parties, a hangout in a Black hair salon, the rapper holding court in a pair of dazzling gold sequined pants, and the couple kicking back on a classic New York exterior fire escape, wearing boldly colored furs designed by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton.

The real star of the show, though, is Rihanna, whose looks are everything you’d expect from arguably the world’s most stylish woman. (Or, as A$AP might put it, a fashion killa.) Toward the end, she steps out in a show-stopping outfit that includes a silk durag, a leather bustier, and matching pants, all topped off with an ankle-skimming, shearling-lined brown leather coat. Whether the video is intended as a tip-off for their upcoming nuptials or not, we can all agree that where style in concerned, the couple more than delivered the goods. Next up? To deliver that baby.

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