Diablo Immortal Dev’s Stealth Game Mission Zero Gets Beta Test In Some Regions

Netease Games, the studio behind Diablo Immortal, is starting a playable technical test today for its upcoming game Mission Zero. The test covers four regions: Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Players can pre-register to try to get access to the beta on the game’s website. The test will begin on July 8 in selected regions and players can pre-register before launch. Mission Zero is a 2v4 stealth game where one team takes the role of Sirius (Invaders) while the other team takes the role of Mobius (Chasers). Upon the game’s full release, it’ll launch with a cross-platform play on Android, iOS, and PC.

In Mission Zero, players will either join the Sirius team, which is made up of four players, or the Mobius team, which has only two players. Sirius players are tasked with hiding from the Mobius team by using disguises that let them blend in with the non-player characters in the surrounding area. The Sirius team can dress like janitors, waiters cooks, and more to blend into whatever room they’re in. The Mobius team is tasked with finding Sirius and can use their abilities to knock out the opposing team.

Although the Mobius players are outnumbered, they’ll have unique traits and abilities that give them advantages when working together. Each character will have abilities based on their specific archetype, which include Assault-type, Scout-type, Strategy-type, and more. To combat Mobius, the Sirius team will have 11 different types of gadgets to pick from to help them escape.

The beta lets players choose from eight different characters on the Mobius team, including:

  • Aya – A delinquent girl who rocks a gothic aesthetic and smashes foes with her baseball bat.
  • Gabriel – A warrior with a powerful prosthetic arm that he uses as a weapon to grab fleeing Sirius from afar and pull them into his grasp.
  • Murphy – A strategy-type agent with the ability to disguise herself as an NPC and reveal the position of nearby Sirius agents.

During the beta, Sirius players will be able to use eleven different pieces of equipment, such as:

  • Cloak Shield- Creates an optical camo barrier that makes the agent invisible
  • Stand-In Badge- Turns the agent invisible and spawns a decoy that keeps walking ahead
  • Shockwave- Stuns nearby enemies and can be charged up to reach a wider area

You can sign up for the beta test on the official Mission Zero website to play it early on July 8.

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