Daily Insider: Our Nadya spends some seriously useful time with Sugar’s Enemy #1

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Our Nadya opens the mind’s door in this superb interview 

Nine years ago, Robert Lustig, clinical paediatrics professor at the University of California in San Francisco, surged into the rarefied atmosphere of what social media defines as a super-influencer. He’d spent a career investigating child obesity. And had the chance to share his findings with a global audience.

Lustig’s TedTalk called Sugar- the elephant in the kitchen went viral, viewed more than 1,6m times. Other recorded speeches have been consumed by almost as many people. They open eyes to havoc which sugar plays with our health. Lustig specialises in neuroendocrinology. His focus area is the study of the energy balance by our central nervous systems.

The subject sounds beyond the ken of most, but watching BizNews colleague Nadya Swart’s interview with the prof confirmed I observed long ago: someone who really knows their subject is usually able to communicate even highly complex issues in a manner that is understandable to the rest of us.

Click here for the story on BizNews.com and links to Nadya’s interview. Chances are you will never see a carrot cake (or a coke) quite the same way ever again. I certainly won’t.


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