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No better time than right now to re-set, re-group and re-focus

Yesterday we bought a morning of brilliant business strategist Tony Manning’s time. It was worth every cent.

I’ve known Tony Manning for decades, interviewed him, read his books and occasionally had the privilege of breaking bread together. Yesterday, however, was the first time I’ve purchased his professional time. With fresh storm clouds gathering over the global economy, it’s time to sharpen the BizNews strategy.  

It turned out to be the best money we’ve invested for years. Being in business can feel like being stuck alone in the middle of a turbulent sea. There’s a vague idea of where the shore might be, but we often waste valuable energy swimming the wrong way and being vulnerable to buffering by unexpected waves. An honest and skilled external guide can be a game changer. 

For me Tony’s greatest asset has always been his brutal honesty, something he has shown me personally many times. I saw yesterday how he applies this professionally, brilliantly cutting through a business’s “bullshit” factors (his words) and reducing complexities to manageable chunks.

Highly recommend an exercise of this kind for a business of any size. Conditions are likely to get even tougher before the sun re-emerges. Overlay unique challenges SA companies face, and I’m not sure there are enough Tony Mannings to go around.   

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