Check out this fan remake of The Simpsons: Hit & Run made with Unreal Engine 5

Recap: Games based on popular entertainment franchises (and vice versa) are usually a recipe for disaster, but The Simpsons: Hit & Run was a rare exception. This 2003 action-adventure title from Radical Entertainment for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox (and later, the PC) proved popular with gamers and critics alike, and is often considered one of the best Simpsons tie-in games ever made. It also looks to be an ideal candidate for a fan-made remake.

YouTuber reubs recently shared progress on a project to remake Hit & Run as an open-world game using Unreal Engine 5. Before you get too excited, note that this is just for entertainment purposes and reubs has no plans to ever make it available to download.

That said, the project is off to a great start. Rather than starting from scratch, reubs imported a previous mod of the game map into Unreal Engine. Some post-processing tweaks helped make the colors pop, and AI was used to upscale textures. A bit of manual massaging was needed here and there but really, the engine did most of the heavy lifting.

The video already has more than 850,000 views as of writing, suggesting interest in the endeavor is high even at this early stage. We’ll keep an eye on the unofficial remake to see how it progresses in the near future. Who knows, perhaps it could inspire the powers that be to create a licensed remake that we may all get to play someday.

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