Chargfox acquired by Australia’s motoring associations

Jul 5, 2022 – 08:17 pm

Chargfox acquired by Australia’s motoring associations

Australia’s largest EV charging network Chargefox has been fully acquired by Australia’s motoring clubs via their company Australian Motoring Services. This includes NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA and RACT.

Chargefox, which is now also targeting the installation of more than 5,000 electric vehicle charging points across Australia by the end of 2025, will keep its current leadership and team after the acquisition is completed.

Chargefox says that this acquisition is a win for Chargefox users and commercial customers, including car rental and fleet companies, since it will enable greater expansion. Chargefox was formed as a joint venture between Ventures and JET Charge in 2017 and has been operating charging stations across Australia and New Zealand since then.

Just a few days ago, the Australian government announced it is supporting the expansion of fast-charging. Under the programme allocated by ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency), Chargefox was granted a comparatively small sum of $1.4 million AUD for 16 fast-charging points. In 2019, Chargefox announced it will be using Tritium chargers for its fast-charging stations. Tritium is also an Australian company known for producing some of the world’s best fast-chargers, that have attracted custom from energy giants like BP and Shell, but also Chargfox competitor in Australia, Evie Networks.

Chargefox CEO and co-founder Marty Andrews told the Australian EV publication The Driven: “We have hit a tipping point with the change in the federal government and the positive attitude to EVs,” Chargefox CEO and co-founder Marty Andrews told The Driven. “This is the next step, the motoring groups will provide the capital and membership, and our goals will take a big step forward.”

For context, the previous Australian Prime Minister was famous internationally for his support for fossil fuels and reluctance to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. In the past, Australian state governments largely took it upon themselves to push forward with sustainable transport policies and programmes. Now with the change of federal government – which was largely aknowledged to be a strong signal from Australian voters that the issue of climate change is on top of the priority list – sustainable transport has a chance to flourish in the country abounding in renewable energy resources. Chargfox makes a note of providing exclusively renewable energy for its charging services.,,,

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