Calus Bobblehead Locations In Destiny 2 Season Of The Haunted

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted returns players to the massive Leviathan, with multiple regions to explore–making it perfect for Easter egg hunts. Opulent, golden Bobbleheads of Cabal Emperor Calus are scattered around the ship. At the H.E.L.M. by the Crown of Sorrow, you can check which Bobbleheads you need for your dignified effigies of Calus display.

H.E.L.M. Bobblehead Display

Collecting these progresses the #1 Fan triumph under the new Haunted Triumphs Seal for the Reaper title. Players must collect all Calus Bobbleheads and display them at the H.E.L.M. to get the Eidolon Exotic Ghost shell.

Week 6

Calus Bobblehead 9: Sever – Resolve

Calus Bobblehead in the Sever – Resolve mission.

The final Bobblehead is in a room you probably noticed in Sever – Rage and might have wondered why it was empty. In the last portion of the mission, you’ll make your way through a big cylindrical vent room with stopped fans. Look up and to the left just past the second fan to find a platform you can climb up into, leading into a small storage room filled with crates–and seemingly little else. Check the back of the room behind all the detritus to find the final Bobblehead.

Week 5

Calus Bobblehead 8: Sever – Rage

Calus Bobblehead located in the Sever – Rage mission.

To get your eighth Bobblehead, fire up Caiatl’s first Sever mission and make your way to the portion in which you find yourself locked down with a contaminant–which turns out to be one of the unkillable Gahlran Nightmares that have chased you around in Sever missions before. To deal with this one, you’ll need to lead it into a place called the “Immolation Hall,” where you can kill it with fire. On your way there, you’ll enter a hallway with a bunch of goo and fungus all over it, right before reaching the Immolation Hall itself. There’s a gap under the catwalk-like floor beneath you, and you can slip under it to find the Calus Bobblehead right beneath the middle of the room.

Week 4

Calus Bobblehead 7: Sever – Forgiveness

Calus Bobblehead in Sever – Forgiveness.

The Calus Bobblehead in Zavala’s Forgiveness mission isn’t tough to get to, but it’s extremely easy to miss. Proceed through the mission until you hit a cylindrical tube full of fungus, right before the end. To get to the final fight, you’d usually use Eregore fungus spores, then drop down into a hole in the floor that lets you crawl through a vent to reach Zavala. The Bobblehead is right before this exit, in one of the junctions of the tube that leads to the Eregore spores, hidden above a large round cylindrical piece of machinery.

Week 3

Calus Bobblehead 6: Sever – Grief

Sever – Grief intersection where you can find the Calus Bobblehead.

Zavala’s first Sever mission provides an easy Bobblehead for you. Look for it immediately after planting your first Ritual Amplifier, which will open a door ahead of you that leads to a junction.

Calus Bobblehead in the Sever – Grief mission.

The path forward is to the right, but hang a left instead and look behind the crates covered in fungus you find here. The Bobblehead is right behind the crates against the wall of the dead end, just out of sight.

Week 2

Calus Bobblehead 5: Sever – Reconciliation Mission

Look for the Calus Bobblehead in the tunnels of the Sever – Reconciliation mission.

Returning the Sever to help Crow gives you a chance at another Bobblehead, and this one is better hidden than some of the previous ones. Proceed through mission until you crawl through the vent tubes, right after you shoot the several Arc conduits through the door. You’ll remember this crawl from Sever – Shame, and probably recall that the tubes are a bit of a maze. To find the bobblehead, you want to make your way as far to the right as possible; it’s secreted at a dead end that’s lit with red light. The easiest way to find it, however, is to exit the tubes at the far end. When you get out, turn around and face the wall with the exit and make your way all the way to the left, to a second exit, where the Calus robot waited for you in Shame. Go back into the tubes at the exit farthest to the left and look for a junction just ahead, where the Bobblehead will be waiting.

Week 1

Calus Bobblehead 1: Castellum

Castellum Calus Bobblehead location

The Castellum Bobblehead is easy to find, but hard to get. After you land in the Castellum area of the Leviathan–which you can access from the Moon destination–head out of the hallway and turn to the left. There will be a small lever with red lights in front of a locked door with the Castellum Bobblehead inside. In order to unlock the door, you will need to clear Tier 3 Nightmare Containment–lifting the lockdown protocols.

When the protocol is lifted, head to the lever to unlock the door. The Bobblehead will be on the floor of the tiny room. The door closes after a few seconds so be sure to grab it in time.

Castellum Calus Bobblehead inside the locked room, accessible after completing a Tier 3 Nightmare Containment event.

You can tell if you have access to the door by the chest cache waypoint inside the room after the lockdown protocols are lifted. The two doors unlocked by the lockdown protocol are random, so if you can’t open the door, you need to complete Tier 1 through Tier 3 Nightmare Containment again.

Calus Bobblehead 2: Pleasure Gardens

Pleasure Gardens Calus Bobblehead location, behind the big Calus statue in the center of the room.

You can head down to Pleasure Gardens from the central doorway in the Castellum. Go to the front of the room where the giant statue is standing. This Calus Bobblehead is hiding behind the giant statue. The side doorway in the Royal Pools will also lead you to the Pleasure Gardens.

Calus Bobblehead 3: Royal Pools

Hole in the ground in the Royal Pools region, in the back-right corner of the area.

Players can get to the Royal Pools from the round doorway in the Pleasure Gardens or walk along the left wall after landing in Castellum and head down through that doorway. After arriving at the Royal Pools from the Castellum, go to the room on the right side of the baths area. The corner of the room will have a large, red-lit hole on the ground. Jump through the hole and defeat the yellow-bar enemies to clear the way. You’ll find the Royal Pools Bobblehead at the end of the tunnel.

Calus Bobblehead at the end of the tunnel in Royal Pools.

If you enter from the Pleasure Gardens, you’ll arrive in the correct room in the baths area. Just head to the right corner of the room and jump down the hole.

Calus Bobblehead 4: Sever – Shame Mission

The fourth Bobblehead is inside the Sever – Shame mission. You can access this mission by completing Step 2 in the Bound in Sorrow seasonal quest.

Manual Override console in the Sever – Shame Weekly Mission.

When you reach the Manual Override console, it will tell you to activate four Manual Override switches around the perimeter. The first lever is next to the console, and the other three locations will be marked–making the puzzling area easier to navigate. This entire time an immune Unrelenting Nightmare will chase after you, so be sure to dodge its attacks.

Carrying the wrench in the Sever – Shame Weekly Mission.

The Calus Bobblehead is in a tall, orange-lit shaft with pipes and an electric barrier. To remove the barrier, go to the location of a wrench marked on the screen. Pick up the heavy wrench object and carry it to the next marked location. Place it in its designated spot to remove the barrier. You can activate the manual override switch and jump up the shaft to the platform at the top to grab the fourth Bobblehead.

Sever – Shame Weekly Mission Bobblehead.

You can grab the Bobblehead without removing the barrier, but it’s tricky because you need to carefully jump up the large pipes.

Since there are more Bobbleheads to be found in the Leviathan in later weeks, we will update this guide as we come across them. Season of the Haunted brings many new Seasonal Challenges, weekly missions, and season pass rewards. Also, if you still haven’t found all the Lucent Months from The Witch Queen expansions, it’s not too late!

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