Bodybuilder Simeon Panda’s Epic Home Gym Rivals the Iron Paradise

Warning: The following video will cause extreme fitness-related envy.

Recently, bodybuilder Simeon Panda gave a tour of his sleek and stacked commercial-sized home gym on his YouTube channel. And it’s bound to awaken your jealousy. The all-black gym features countless pieces of custom machinery often only found in top-notch facilities around the world, making Panda’s set-up rival even The Rock’s iconic Iron Paradise.

Over the years, Panda has developed a following of 17 million across social media platforms, named as one of the most influential fitness influencers by Forbes. Due to all of the success, the 36-year-old fitness buff was recently able to create a jaw-dropping custom at-home workout space.

The gym is the first-ever at-home Gold’s Gym, boasting enough equipment to start handing out memberships. But Panda gets the outdoor space all to himself.

The entire gym is outfitted with equipment by Gym80, which is an official supplier of Gold’s Gym franchises. Panda starts tour with his favorite machine out of the bunch—a massive Pure Kraft Strong Plate Loaded Leg Press, which is usually only found in commercial spaces. And that’s nowhere near the end of his Pure Kraft collection. Panda shows off his belt squat, a two-in-one adduction and abduction machine, a plate-loaded leg extension, a glutes kick back, a lying leg curl, and a standing calf raise machine. And that’s only for legs.

Panda then shows off his PureKraft rower, dip station, bench press, shoulder press, and a five-station cable weight machine. The bodybuilder also has an 80Athletics half rack, bench press, barbells, and a dumbbell rack with weights going up to 175 pounds.

“That might not even be the end,” Panda says about his dumbbell range. “We will see how we go. [We] might go all the way up to the 200s because I’ve been known to do some single-arm rows with some heavy dumbells.”

That’s all not to mention Panda’s punching bag, medicine balls, slam balls, power bags, kettlebells, battle ropes, sled, and his measured panel of turf. Or his Matrix stepper, treadmill, and upright cycle for cardio.

Panda’s entire gym was built to be outdoors, which means the fitness lover was careful to select weather-proof, robust machines that could withstand a beating from the elements—and from his workout.

“One thing that I love is that everything is heavy,” Panda says after picking up a dip attachment. “That piece of equipment I picked up was heavy. These benches are heavy. Every piece of equipment is heavy which is a sign of durability, which is a sign of quality. Everything’s good.”

Well, that’s certainly an understatement. Watch the full tour below:

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