Aussies Are Sharing The Things That Make Them Feel A Sense Of National Pride And It’s Making Me Feel Patriotic AF


“I’m an immigrant and I can say that despite its flaws, I’ve always loved that in Australia I can go out and not worry about violence, being robbed and having to keep my wits about me in broad daylight like I would where I’m from. If I get hurt, I don’t have to pay for help. If I lose my job, there are safety nets to support me. Our democracy is strong and even in this most recent election, which was quite a turnover of government, there was no massive uproar from supporters of the opposition of any kind suggesting fraud or treason. In Australia, I feel comfortable just ‘being’ — which you just can’t take for granted when it’s not the reality in most of the world.”

“On top of this, it’s impressive to see how most Australians accept a level of personal responsibility when it comes to crisis — volunteer work in disasters; staying home, wearing masks and not causing a fuss during lockdowns, over 95% going out and getting their jabs when asked to, and just being good cunts to each other in public in general. My only wish is for Australia to embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture more. At this stage, some of the worst racism I’ve witnessed has been towards one of our proudest people and the oldest culture in the entire world.”



“There’s lots of things I like, but one thing I, personally, really appreciate is that transphobia gains very little traction here. Like, sure, there are transphobes here, but most people don’t give it much stock, and the election (with Katherine Deves) showed that transphobia has no place in politics either. It makes me feel safer living in Australia than other countries, like the US or UK where transphobia has gained a lot of traction.”

“To echo what someone else said, Australians are, generally, pretty accepting, welcoming and celebratory of diversity — be it of culture, gender, sexuality or religion. We’re far from perfect, there’s a lot of blind spots, but as a general rule we celebrate diversity in all its forms.”


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