‘Are you dumb?’

Nick Kyrgios was insistent that Stefanos Tsitsipas should be defaulted during their third-round match at Wimbledon.

Having lost the second set to see Kyrgios level the encounter at one set apiece, Tsitsipas showed his frustration by swiping the ball and it whistled past the head of a spectator sitting below his box.

Kyrgios, having earlier clashed with the umpire Damien Dumusois over an errant line call, was incandescent that Tsitsipas had not been defaulted.


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“Default or not? If that is me you are defaulting me,” began Kyrgios. “He has hit a ball in the f****** crowd.

“Are you dumb? It’s a default brother. It’s a default bro!

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“What classifies as that then? What classifies it? So you can hit a ball into the crowd, hit someone and not get defaulted? Are you dumb?”

Kyrgios then demanded that the umpire bring out a supervisor. However, not satisfied with that, he demanded more, before once again turning to the umpire to make his case, referencing Novak Djokovic’s default at the US Open.

“I don’t care – I’m not playing until we get to the bottom of it” said Kyrgios.

“You can’t hit the ball into the crowd and it hits someone and it’s not a default?

“What happened with Novak [Djokovic] when he hit the ball into the girl – was it hard? Was she injured? She was injured! Oh my God.

“You need to get more supervisors then. I’m not playing until we get to the bottom of it. No, I want all of them.

“You can’t hit a ball into the crowd and hit someone and not get defaulted. I would like to speak to supervisors. Thanks.”

The Greek received a code violation – not the default the Australian demanded – and Kyrgios would win the first game of the third set, and would again approach the umpire at the change of ends.

“I cannot believe this… you know the s*** the tournament’s going to get after this press conference direct[ed] at you is insane,” he said.

“I don’t care bro. The people want to see me… not you.

“Ok so don’t tell me what to do. Am talking about him hitting the ball in the crowd and not getting anything.”

The tournament referee was now on court watching proceedings as tempers continued to flare in the third set.

After delivering an underarm serve, Kyrgios would say that Tsitsipas “laced one at him” in the third game of the set, and Tsitsipas would get a point deduction and a second code violation when he lashed the ball away again and into the crowd as he lost serve to go 4-1 down. The Australian would take the a 2-1 lead when the dust settled.

Kyrgios would then go on to win the third-set tie-break.

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