ArchTIS wins A$7 million deal with Australian Department of Defence

ArchTIS, a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information, is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a new contract to expand and enhance the existing deployment of the Kojensi classified information system within Defence.

The total contract value is A$7 million. This includes $3 million in recurring revenue payable over a two-year period along with services, support and hardware contracts worth $3.5 million payable on delivery. The contract term commenced upon execution today, and continues until 30 June 2024, with an option for the customer to extend for a further 12 months on the same terms. The contract can be terminated for convenience. However, the contract provides for acceptance and payment of deliverables prior to the date of termination, together with any reasonable costs attributable to the termination.

Daniel Lai, archTIS Managing Director and CEO, said: “We are pleased to close the largest sale in the company’s history for $7.03 million. Over the past 18 months we have been actively targeting global defence agencies and the broader defence industry due to their compelling need to secure highly sensitive information. This target market strongly aligns with the unique value proposition our products offer. Kojensi and NC Protect are filling a critical need for zero-trust information security in the well-funded, defence and intelligence market and the industries that support them.”

This contract continues archTIS’ success in Defence and follows the recent announcement of archTIS’ participation in the KPMG Consortium (dated 11 April 2022) which was awarded Tranche 1 of the OneDefence Data Program. archTIS will bring to the consortium its expertise in Data Security Architecture. Terms of archTIS’ involvement in the consortium are still being finalised, and will be disclosed to the market in due course.

The new award expands upon the existing deployment of Kojensi in the agency, as well as the agency’s use of NC Protect in the Defence Information Environment (DIE). NC Protect secures documentation and file sharing across SharePoint for classified information or content in communities of interest on the DIE. Further evidence the Company is successfully executing its strategy to be the premier Data Centric Security and Policy Enforcement company in Defence.

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